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Dallas Event PhotographerWelcome to Jason Kindig's event photography blogs. Jason specializes in event photography from small private parties to large corporate events. He has photographed everything from wedding anniversay celebrations with family and friends to FOX Sports Super Bowl Parties. Jason's technical skills and quickness allow for him to capture all of the important moments and details that make events special. From sports to symphonies, Jason covers it all. Check out his blogs below as well as his event photography webpage.

Hanging with Herbstreit The other great thing about this historic game is the fact that it was played in Dallas. As you can imagine, there are all kinds of events that come along with that, and I was fortunate to do Dallas event photography for a National Championship brunch.

Event Photography Meets Food It was a perfect marriage: An event photographer in Dallas, who loves food and especially enjoys any opportunity to photograph it, and an event that was all about the food. A more perfect match couldn’t be found anywhere.

Dallas Corporate and Private Christmas Party Photographer As with most events, you do want to ensure that you hire a photographer in advance so that you can get the highest quality coverage possible and also make certain that they are available. As the holiday season comes upon us, dates will become even scarcer.

4 Reasons You Need Onsite Printing at Your Next Event It has been my experience over the years as a Dallas event photographer that guests at an event love photo walls and photo booths. By offering prints to the guests at your event, you are creating something that will make the night prove unforgettable.

Dallas Corporate Event Photography: 3 Things to Look For, Part I When it comes to Dallas corporate event photography there are three things you need to know about your potential photographer: Experience, Turnaround and Price.

Dallas Event Photographer: Shooting Pictures, Shooting Skeet Any time you get to mix guns and Dallas event photography, it’s going to be a good day. I had the privilege of getting to photograph a sporting clays tournament here in the Dallas area a little while back for one of my clients, and it really was one of those times where I was working and it didn’t feel at all like work.

Five Things You Should Tell Your Event Photographer When you decide to book your event photographers in Dallas, they will need to be briefed on a lot of these different parts. Based on my experiences, I put together a top five list of the most critical items your Dallas event photographer needs to know. 

Dallas Event Photographers: Chasing The Moment Photojournalism is a term that is thrown out there quite a lot when it comes to photography, but I often wonder if people fully understand what all that entails. My Dallas event photographers style is based on this, but I wanted to explain the term a bit more in depth.

Corporate Event Photo Walls are Fun! The photo wall, photo booth, step and repeat; no matter what you call it, having an area where your associates, clients and employees can have fun with their Dallas Corporate event photography is certainly a good idea. 

What to Look for in a Dallas Corporate Event Photographer If you are looking into hiring a corporate event photographer, this question has probably crossed your mind. There are a lot of things to consider when trying to find the right Dallas corporate event photographer to portray your company.

General Powell and Genesis Women's Shelter To me, there are few things better as a Dallas event photographer than getting to be a part of an event that is truly making a difference.

Top 5 Myths About Dallas Event Photography When it comes to photography, more specifically event photography, there can be a lot of myths out there. 

Dallas Event Photographer, Video Plus, Success University 2011 They had a ton of great speakers from some of the top companies in direct sales, ranging from Scentsy CEO Orville Thompson, to Sean Key of Mary Kay and Wayne Moorehead of MonaVie.

Dallas Event Photographer, Jacqueline and Phillip's Engagement Party I had the opportunity to photograph the engagement party for Jacqueline Sewell and Phillip Taylor, and wanted to share a few of the images with you guys.

Dallas Event Photographer, DSO Olga Kern Reception A perfect example of this is the Olga Kern pre-concert reception that I photographed the other night for the Dallas Symphony Orchestra.

Dallas Event Photographer, Super Bowl Parties! As you may know, the Super Bowl was in Dallas this year, (congrats Packers!) and we had the opportunity to run photo booths for FOX Sports at two of their parties leading up to the Super Bowl. 

Dallas Photographer, World Series Gala Portraits I was sent out to get a portrait of Nolan Ryan and Chuck Greenberg together, as I have photographed both of them previously on separate occasions, but never had the opportunity to photograph them together at the same time.

Dallas Wedding Photographer, Diamond Affairs Anniversary Party! There was a rocking party going down recently off Carlisle Street in Dallas. Diamond Affairs celebrated their 10th anniversary in business with a big party at their headquarters, and in following with their style of wedding and event planning, every detail was nothing short of perfect.