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Dallas Food Photography BloIf Jason isn't shooting you will probably find him in the kitchen cooking. Jason's passion for food is evident in his food photography. Jason shoots food for magazines, cookbooks, menus, websites and more. Jason's attention to detail, color, texture, lighting and staging are evident in all of his food photography. Enjoy looking over his food photography, and don't blame us if you suddenly get hungry! Not only does he shoot food, but he also has some great fashion work as well.

Dallas Food Photographer: Sky High Cuisine Food photography in Dallas is one of my specialties, and is something that I am truly passionate about. If you look at restaurant food shots and your mouth doesn’t immediately start to water, then something wasn’t done right.

Dallas Food Photographer: Behold the Power of Mac and Cheese This Dallas food photographer did get to partake of many of the dishes featured, which did make my stomach cry, though I’m not entirely certain whether it was joy, or maybe more of a “please stop feeding me this rich deliciousness because I can’t take this no more” kind of cry.

Dallas Photographer; Colorfully Exotic Spring Fashion I have the pleasure of doing fashion shoots on a fairly regular basis, and they are always a real treat for this Dallas photographer.

This Blog Will Make You Hungry.  All in all, I photographed around fifteen different sandwiches, some with soup combinations. The images were for a story on the best places to grab soup and or sandwiches in Fort Worth.

Carbs: It's what's for breakfast! As a Dallas Photographer I shot everything from hole in the wall joints to grand breakfast buffets and a healthy, or unhealthy mix of everything in between. One of the sweet perks of being a Dallas photographer is that I get to have a little sampling time after each shoot.

Dallas Photographer lovin' Summer Veggies For this particular spread we were focused on summer vegetables and the people that love them. Not so much the latter, but the former were all selected from Judie’s well-stocked garden.

Top 5 Food Photography Myths As a Dallas food photographer, I am always studying food. It has not gone unnoticed by family and friends that I am always studying the menu at restaurants, or looking at how a restaurant plated my dish. Shoot, I obsess over how my stuff is plated coming off the grill!

Dallas Photographer, Del Frisco's Menu Covers and Hot Prime Rib Friday seems like a good day to talk about classy steak places, so here we go. I am a Dallas photographer, and love being a Dallas food photographer. I have had the great fortune to photograph for Del Frisco’s Double Eagle Steakhouse on multiple occasions, and recently photographed the redesigned menu cover imagery for their locations in both Dallas and Fort Worth.

Dallas Photographer, Judie Byrd's Cookbook! Oh the joys of being a Dallas food photographer. The kitchen was the perfect place to shoot, not just because of the cookbook obviously, but because her personality shines throughout the kitchen. There are little personal touches everywhere that contain wonderful memories from the past, or create new memories for her grandchildren.

Dallas Photographer, Its all about the Meat. When it comes to bbq, or barbecue if you like to use big words (Dallas photographers love big words) there are a lot of external factors involved. Sure, things like wood choice, temperature, humidity, etc., are important, but often you will hear people discussing details such as potato salad, cole slaw texture and composition or whether or not the beer is served below freezing when they talk about their favorite ‘cue joint.

Dallas Photographer, Hangin at Angelos BBQ Get ready to go find a tasty afternoon snack; you will most likely need it in a few minutes. In continuing with my barbecue theme, I have yet another delicious and prestigious barbecue restaurant located in Fort Worth to share with you, that also happens to be a favorite of this Dallas photographer.

Dallas Photographer, Stay Warm With Sheperd’s Pie! I don’t know about you guys, but as a Dallas photographer, and especially as a Dallas food photographer, I love everything that relates to food. Some of the greatest temptation I face in life happens when I walk into Central Market (just ask Ayns), or when the Williams-Sonoma catalog shows up in our mailbox.

Dallas Photographer, Judie Talks Turkey In honor of the upcoming Thanksgiving holiday, I decided to share a very aptly themed photo shoot with you all. My good friend Judie Byrd is a wonderful cook, cooking show host, author, food editor and all around sweet lady, and recently I had the opportunity to document her as she taught a turkey bootcamp.

Dallas Interior Photography – Del Frisco’s Steak House Let me begin by saying that there is nothing like a perfectly prepared steak. A nicely seared light crust on the outside, with beautifully tender meat on the inside is a one-way ticket to my happy place. I recently had the opportunity to work with the Del Frisco’s Double Eagle Steakhouse in Fort Worth, and these are people that excel at creating the perfect steak, and then cap it by delivering it to you with perfect service.

Dallas Food Photography, Cookin’ at Cooper’s! Are you hungry right now? If so, this isn’t going to help. Don’t worry I feel your pain, as my afternoon snack is an apple. As you may know, I love food, and food photography, though I’m still not sure of the exact order yet. In either case, one of the best ways to merge these two loves of mine is through restaurant features and reviews.

Dallas Food Photography, Come on Summer! Well, as you probably know, it is pretty darn cold outside today. Unfortunately, due to my desire to save change, my office feels about the same. So, instead of turning up the heat (or even turning it on for that matter), I have decided to show off a few tasty Dallas food photography images that conjure up feelings of a warmer time of year.