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4 Reasons to Update Your Photography Now! With 2015 fully underway, now is the perfect time to get some great photography done by your Dallas commercial photographer! Here are four reasons why you should be getting photography done poste haste:

Dallas Restaurant Interiors: Sky Canyon This Sky Canyon restaurant project was a little different due to the nature of the restaurant locations. I had two different locations to shoot at, one was in Dallas and the other was closer to Fort Worth

An Interview with Jason - Part II My last blog post was an interview that had a few questions about how I got started on the path to becoming a corporate photographer in Dallas, and the parts that I enjoy most about it.

An Interview with Jason - Part I As legend would have it, photographer in Dallas Jason Kindig’s first words were “Nikon,” and the obsession only grew from there...

Dallas Corporate Photography: Image Confidentiality Photography helps sell your business. When you are searching for your Dallas corporate photographer, not only do you want to find someone who is highly talented, professional, and who offers a fast turnaround, but you must also find someone who is trustworthy, especially when it comes to confidentiality and privacy.

Dallas Corporate Photography: A Guide To Headshot Backdrops Choosing the proper background for your headshots, portraits and company portraits does not have to be difficult, but when it comes to options your choices are endless. So today I wanted to breakdown what goes into selecting the right background.

Dallas Corporate Photographer and New Years Resolutions With the New Year upon us, this is a great time to step back and evaluate your company especially when it comes to your photography. What better time than now to give your company a fresh and modern look by updating your website, advertising, catalogs, brochures, Facebook page, etc.

Dallas Corporate Photographer: Creating Powerful Headshots II Dallas corporate photographer, Jason Kindig, is helping you learn all about creating a strong, professional and memorable headshot. If you missed the first part of this blog from yesterday, be sure to check it out Dallas Corporate Photographer: Creating Powerful Headshots I. And now lets get back to some more helpful corporate headshot tips!

Dallas Headshot Photographer: Creating Powerful Headshots I When it comes to getting a great corporate headshot, you want to make the most of it. After all, this is the headshot seen ‘round the world. Even if you don’t have plans to be a global persona just yet, chances are that your headshot will be making the rounds. It may show up anywhere from your website to social media pages, in marketing collateral or in a program for a conference you will be speaking at

Dallas Commercial Photographer: Over at Bob's (Steak and Chop) House Now usually when I share images from the Omni, it is Dallas event photography at one of their beautiful hotels in the Dallas Fort Worth area. I am usually in there for one event or another on a pretty regular basis. However, as a Dallas commercial photographer, I also get to shoot commercial work for the hotels, and I wanted to share some of those images with you today.

Dallas Corporate Photographer: Half Price Books CEO Sharon Anderson Wright With an obvious affinity towards the company, you can imagine my excitement when I was called upon for an assignment to photograph their CEO, Sharon Anderson Wright. I needed to get several portraits of her inside the walls of their huge flagship store, which is right off Northwest Highway in Dallas.

Doctor Portraits: Standing Out From the Crowd In an era where on-line marketing is king I have noticed as a Dallas corporate photographer that many doctors and practices are looking for imagery to put on their varies websites, Facebook pages and other social media websites. Many express this need as their sole need and may not even be looking to use them outside of the web. This is a pretty remarkable transition.

Portraits of The Greatest Generation A little while back, I had the opportunity as a Dallas photographer to make portraits with several gentlemen who were part of the Greatest Generation, military veterans of World War II.

Flying High - Flight Attendant Portraits Emerson and I had a great time hanging out, and though she was not fully comfortable in front of the camera when we started, like so many sessions I do as a Dallas portrait photographer, she was posing like a total rockstar once we got going on her session. Laughter is a great part of life, and it certainly makes for great shoots!

Attorney Portraits by Dallas Photographer Jason Kindig There are two factors that every Dallas photographer looks for in preparing for a shoot, and they are location and light. The right spot can make or break an image, and if you shoot something with poor light, it can completely take out the punch of an image.

Portraits of Rosie Moncrief by Dallas Photographer Every Dallas photographer has his or her own style, and I always work to make mine shine through in every image, no matter what I’m shooting. However, it is interesting to note that having a style doesn’t mean you always have to photograph in a certain way, but rather can adjust to your clients’ particular needs and tastes, as any craftsman should be able to do.

Top 5 Corporate Photography Myths Corporate photography is essential to the presentation of your company. These days with all of the various types of media, especially websites, corporate photography is a must. You want to present your company as honest professionals, who offer a high quality products or services to each and every one of their customers. One of the best ways to get yourself and/or your products out in the market is through corporate photography.

Dallas Photographer shoots Vintage Swimwear One of the first decisions I make before a shoot like this is to determine the lighting style. After checking out old images, I noticed how they were shot a lot in direct sunlight, which I’m sure was to make sure there was enough light for proper exposure. I decided to mimic this look for my shot, and reflect back in a little fill light.

Dallas Corporate Photographer, Dallas Lawyer Portraits With these portraits, the concept from the beginning was to get corporate portraits with a relaxed feel of all the attorneys together, while making sure that the architecture was prominently displayed throughout. While some images were a bit more formal, the overall goal was to keep from looking too stiff.

Dallas Corporate Photographer Offers Professional Clothing Tips There are multiple factors in a successful corporate or commercial shoot, with clothing and styling being some of the most important. The way certain colors and textures show when photographed by your Dallas corporate photographer can have a major impact on the outcome of your photography, which in turn affects the impression you have on clients and potential clients.

Dallas Photographer, Judie Byrd's Cookbook! Judie shot that was fresh and contemporary, with great color and personality, and we did all of the shots in her kitchen. The cool thing about Judie’s home is that I always feel like I have just walked into my grandmother’s house, and for some reason, just like my grandmother's house, I never leave on an empty stomach. Oh the joys of being a Dallas food photographer.

Dallas Photographer, World Series Gala Portraits For the portrait of Mr. Ryan and Mr. Greenberg, I knew that I would have a few minutes at the most; so planning was essential, as was portability, since I didn’t know where I was going to shoot until we arrived, and guests were already making their way inside.

Dallas Photographer, hanging with Chuck Greenberg Unless you’ve been living under a rather large rock, you’ve probably heard how well the Texas Rangers are doing. You’ve also probably heard about Chuck Greenberg, who along with Nolan Ryan purchased the Rangers ball club in August, and together, they have taken them to new heights. Mr. Greenberg is the managing partner and CEO of the Rangers, while Mr. Ryan remains team president.

Doctor Portraits, Babies and Ballet Well, I have been photographing a ton of doctor portraits recently, so I decided to share with you all two of my favorites. Each of the doctors, the first being an OBGYN (in case you couldn’t tell) and the second an orthopaedic surgeon wanted something they hadn’t really done before, something that would grab the attention of the viewer.

Doctor Portraits, Go Docs! I have really been on a doctor portrait kick as of late, so I decided to share with you some of the images that have been made. As a Dallas portrait photographer, I have photographed quite a variety of doctors and specialists, ranging from fertility to plastic surgeons, eyelid and spinal surgeons.

Dallas Portrait Photographer – American Idol Hopeful Savannah! For Savannah’s portrait session, she wanted to do a shoot that was interesting and different, and create images that would really grab your attention. Dynamic and dramatic were the keywords here.