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Welcome to Jason Kindig's wedding blogs! Here you will find all kinds of blogs that walk you through the wedding photography experience. From tips for brides to the wedding day itself, our wedding blogs have you covered. Sit back and enjoy a variety of pictures and stories and get ready to be inspired as you prepare for your own wedding day!

Blogs: Tips for Brides

Dallas Wedding Photography Blog

Becoming a bride is something you have dreamed about for a long time. Now you are caught up in everything wedding. This is such an exciting and busy time for you as you prepare for the wedding of your dreams. We also know that sometimes being a bride can be a bit overwhelming as you plan for the perfect day. We are here to help you by offering some tips to making your wedding photography beautiful and an enjoyable experience. Check out our tips below to help you as you prepare for your engagement photography, bridal photography and wedding photography. If you have any other questions, don't hesitate to contact us

Dallas Wedding Photographers Look at Bridal Face Makeup As a Dallas wedding photographers wife, sometimes I love to sit down and write out tips for all of you beautiful brides to be. Going in to your wedding day I don’t think it is possible to get enough tips.

Dallas Wedding Photographers Look at Bridal Lip Makeup In today’s Dallas wedding photography blog I am going to offer some more makeup tips for the big day. You can check out an earlier Dallas wedding photography blog I wrote about eye makeup. However, today I wanted to focus on lips.

Dallas Wedding Photographers Look at Bridal Eye Makeup As a Dallas wedding photographer’s wife, there are a lot of things I love about weddings. Obviously wedding photography is at the top of my list, but I also love the dress, décor, colors and of course the makeup. 

4 Things To Look For When Choosing Your Dallas Wedding Photographer As couples search to find their perfect Dallas wedding photographer they want someone they can rely on to meet their every need. They want a wedding photographer who is dedicated to hearing out their photography desires and meeting them. 

Dallas Wedding Photographers Important Role in Your Wedding Your wedding is about your story, your love, your commitment, your friendship, your journey and new beginnings. Therefore, when it comes to selecting your vendors, you are looking for people that can help tell your love story and capture your unique personality as a couple.

Tips: Choosing The Right Dallas Wedding Photographer Today we are looking at tips to choosing the right Dallas wedding photographer, a well rounded photographer. You want a wedding photographer that will tell your wedding story from hair and makeup in the afternoon to the final goodbyes at the end of the night and everything in between!

Quick Tips on how to Search Google For A Wedding Photographer Part II There are brides just like you who are trying to find the perfect vendors for their wedding, so today we want to offer you some quick and easy tips for using Google to find the perfect wedding photographer for your big day. 

Quick Tips on how to Search Google For A Wedding Photographer So, who do you turn to when you are trying to locate the perfect vendors for your big day? One of the best options out there is your friends. If you have friends who have already gotten married it is always a good idea to sit down with them and discuss their vendors and what they did and did not like. 

Top 5 Wedding Photography Myths Today we are looking at the Top 5 Wedding Photography Myths so all you brides get ready to take some notes! There are all types of wedding photographers out there with a wide variety of skill levels, so make sure you check out these wedding photography myths before you make that huge wedding day decision, selecting your Dallas wedding photographer!

Dallas Wedding Photographer Takes a Look at Groomzillas! Honestly, any time I hear the term ‘Bridezilla’ or ‘Groomzilla’ for that matter, all I can think about as a Dallas wedding photographer is an abnormally large reptile walking upright that lays waste to cities with fire and brimstone, all the while shaking its arms up and down and screaming.  

Dallas Wedding Photographer: 6 Tips For Flawless Bridal Portraits After the wedding date has been set, the plans have been made, the dress has been chosen and the venue has been booked you will prepare for one of the most important parts of your wedding day: your bridal portraits. In the following article you will find important key tips for creating the most beautiful bridal portraits for your wedding day.

Wedding Photography, A Warning to All of You Brides to Be When I read this I just got upset. As a recent bride myself, I cannot imagine never receiving my wedding pictures. All of the moments captured at weddings are irreplaceable. Photographs help us remember all the special events in our lives, and no event is more precious than your wedding day.

Wedding Photography, What Style fits You? For many women, one of the biggest ways they will ever express who they are and what they like is through a wedding. One of the most lasting outcomes of her style decisions will be in the wedding photographer, and the wedding photography they perform.

Wedding Photographer, Five Questions to Ask When Choosing Yours Congratulations, you’re engaged! Now it is time to plan your big day. You will no doubt spend countless hours sifting through bridal magazines and surfing the web to find vendors that will help you achieve your dreams. Every vendor is important, but there is one you must know and trust more in-depth than any other: your wedding photographer.

Blogs: Wedding Photography

Dallas Wedding Photography BlogWelcome to Jason Kindig's wedding photography blogs. Within these wedding blogs, Jason will walk you through his couples' wedding day. From the nervous moments as the bride prepares for her walk down the aisle to the last dance, Jason captures the precious moments younever want to forget. You will quickly get lost in these blogs as you walk through some of our couples' wedding day. Have fun looking at the variety of weddings, styles and personalities of each couple. To see more pictures check out Jason's wedding photography portfolio. Enjoy!

D Weddings Tablescape Favorites I hope all of you had a wonderful holiday season! Aynsley and I were fortunate enough to catch our breath for a few days before getting the New Year underway, and we are so excited to see what 2013 has in store! There are a few built-in bits of excitement, such as the birth of our first child!

Dallas Wedding Photography: Allison & Spencer's Wedding Hey guys, I wanted to share one of my recent weddings with you all. Allison and Spencer were married at Highland Park United Methodist Church in Dallas, and had their reception at City Club Dallas. They are a great couple to be around, are super relaxed and easygoing, and were very fun to photograph for this Dallas wedding photographer.

Ashlee & Josh's Wedding at the DMA Ashlee and Josh were such a fun and beautiful couple to photograph. Their wedding story began at the Dallas Museum of Art with their engagement session, and a few months later they would say “I do” at the same location. 

Amanda & Chad's Wedding! This wedding was different than most I have photographed as a Dallas wedding photographer. The ceremony was at 11:00 AM and the reception began at 7:00 PM that evening. Amanda and Chad wanted their wedding ceremony and reception at those particular locations so to make it all work they had to have some downtime in between. 

Dallas Wedding Photography: Andrew and Lane As you all may know, the summer is the time for weddings, and being a Dallas wedding photographer, I absolutely love it! I hang out with cool couples and make memories, it really is (almost) that simple! 

Beautiful Wedding Photography at the Dallas Arboretum Josh and Tabby’s wedding at the Dallas Arboretum was in the Woman’s Garden, which is set right below the incredibly DeGolyer House. Everything from the reflecting pools to the fountains, to the great view of White Rock Lake help add to the serenity and calm of this spot, and add such beauty to an already beautiful occasion.

Dallas Wedding Photographer, A Modern Wedding I am a wedding photographer in Dallas, but often get to make my way west for Fort Worth wedding photography. Haylie and James were one such wedding. Haylie loves everything modern, so the Modern Art Museum in Fort Worth was a natural choice to suit her tastes.

Dallas Wedding Photographer, Unique Bridal Bouquet Well, in today’s Dallas wedding photographer blog, I am going to show you all my bridal bouquet. My bouquet looks the exact same way it did nearly three years ago on my wedding day. No, I did not use fake flowers.

Official Wedding Photographer for Royal Wedding As I mentioned the bride and groom selected Hugo Burnand as their official wedding photographer. Not only was he shooting the Royal family but Kate herself is an avid photographer.

Dallas Wedding Photographer, Leah and Andrew! One of my favorite images from the day was the moment right before Leah walked down the aisle. All of the emotions hit right at that moment, and I just loved how she was laughing/crying while all of her bridesmaids whirled around to take care of her.

Dallas Wedding Photographer, Wedding Reception Food of 2010 Ahh, food. This may be one of my favorite categories to write about, simply because I am a total foodie and do quite a bit of editorial food photography. Weddings contain so many beautiful details, and one of the most important is certainly the food.

Dallas Wedding Photographer, Wedding Dresses of 2010 With the close of 2010 Dallas wedding photographer Jason Kindig and I thought it would be fun to take a look back over weddings from the past year. As we looked over weddings from 2010 we wanted to focus on some of our favorites from various categories. Today we are moving on to the centerpiece of weddings: the bride and her gown.

Dallas Wedding Photographer, Wedding Cakes of 2010 The wedding cake is another critical component to the reception. Upon arriving at the reception, wedding guests are first greeted by the beautiful bridal portrait and then they are ushered into the reception where the cake is one of the featured items.

Dallas Wedding Photographer, Wedding Flower Arrangements of 2010 While there are a few exceptions to the rule, most weddings you attend are bursting with beautiful flowers from the moment you enter the church to the last goodbyes at the wedding reception. Flowers are a big deal when it comes to weddings!

Dallas Wedding Photographer, Favorites from 2010 As an artist and Dallas wedding photographer, one of my favorite aspects of weddings is the creativity that fully captures the couple’s personality. There is nothing like walking into a room and seeing how the décor, flowers, color choices and more are a tangible expression of the bride and groom.

Dallas Wedding Photographer, Danny & Heather! One of the greatest things about being a Dallas wedding photographer is the opportunity to hang out with people that are incredibly happy for eight to ten hours straight. Everyone looks perfect, the venue and decorations are gorgeous, and everyone dances like crazy.

Dallas Wedding Photographer & Joy and Adam’s Wedding! We had the opportunity to photograph Joy and Adam’s beautiful Austin wedding, and thought you guys might like to see the images! With all of the beautiful scenery surrounded us, the only thing we had to worry about was the 103+ degree heat outside! 

Fort Worth Wedding Photography, Marcia and Seth! Marcia and Seth had their wedding at the historic Hilton Fort Worth. Though I am a Dallas wedding photographer, I do several weddings in Fort Worth in addition to magazine and commercial work, so shooting out in Cowtown is definitely familiar territory for me.

Dallas Wedding Photography, Beautiful Moments On Their Special Day There are so many great moments from this wedding from the elegant bridal session outside of the church to the quiet moments of the bride as she prepares to walk down the aisle.

Wedding Photography, Whats On Your Menu The wedding menu is a big deal. Couples spend a lot of time coming up with what they want to serve their guests that not only tastes great but also captures their personalities. Lately, the wedding menu has gotten more creative, fun and exciting.

Wedding Photography, A Warning to All of You Brides to Be This morning started off like any other. I woke up and got on my computer to catch up on the day’s events. While looking over the headlines the words “frustrated brides”caught my eye. The article was talking about a bride’s worst nightmare: Never receiving her wedding photography.

Wedding Photography, Formal Portraits! Family Portraits: The soon-to-be newlywed’s guide to herding those unruly relatives for a quick photography session.

Wedding Photography, What Style fits You? One of the most lasting outcomes of her style decisions will be in the wedding photographer, and the wedding photography they perform.


Blogs: Bridal Portraits

Dallas Wedding PhotographyAt Jason Kindig Photography we believe that your bridal session sets the stage for your wedding. Your bridal portait session is very important for several reasons. First, the moment you you put on your wedding dress for your bridal portraits reality sets in that you really are a bride. Wedding planning can be overwhelming at times, but when you look in the mirror and see you in your wedding dress, everything is perfect. Second, your bridal session is a great time for you to become fully comfortable with your wedding photographer. Third, your bridal portraits allow for you to show your personality in a beautiful way. We hope you enjoy looking at some of our beautiful brides' bridal sessions. Their personalities and styles are capture in every photograph. Feel free to view more of Jason's bridal portraits after reading the blogs below. 

Ashlee's Lovely Bridal Portraits In meeting with Ashlee for her bridal portraits she told me what she was looking for and then I came up with location ideas for her. Since she was an out of town bride, she needed my help to find the perfect location. She was looking for a large space, preferably a warehouse style space.

Dallas Bridal Portraits at the Lake As with all of our brides, I like to sit down and have a discussion with my brides, be it face to face or over the phone, so that I know exactly where they want to be photographed, and the look they are going for. 

Bridal Portraits at The Dallas Arboretum Tabby was going to have her wedding at the Dallas Arboretum, so it was a natural choice to photograph her bridals there as well. She wanted more of a classic look, so we kept things simple and elegant. 

Dallas Wedding Photographer: 6 Tips For Flawless Bridal Portraits There are two times in your life that you will be the beautiful blushing bride. One will be the most magical day of your life, the day which you walk down the aisle before all of your friends and family. 

Dallas Wedding Photographer, Leah’s Bridals! When discussing ideas for locations, several thoughts flew around, one of which was her father’s boat. Though it didn’t seem like the boat idea would work out, we decided it would be fun to keep going with the boat/water/nature theme for her bridals.

Dallas Bridal Portraits at Hotel ZaZa As a Dallas wedding photographer, I did her bridal session on the day of her wedding after she had just received a stunning gift from her husband-to-be. He surprised her with a yellow diamond necklace which he had specially designed for his bride.

Dallas Bridal Session, Slithering Snakes with a Bride on the Rocks In typical fashion Jason and I arrived early for Katie’s bridal photography to scout for perfect locations to photograph the beautiful bride. We were shooting in a beautiful set of gardens, which have a lush landscape that is perfect for bridals.

Bridal Photography, From Bridals to Fashion Shoot Caroline is the type of bride you dream of photographing, so when she asked Jason to photograph her bridal we both knew we were in for some fun. You see the second Caroline put on her wedding dress she instantly transformed into a model and a beautiful model at that!

Dallas Bridal Portraits, Joy! As is the case with many of our brides, Joy was not used to being professionally photographed, but by the end she was definitely getting her moves down, and introducing a lot of sassiness (is that a word?) into the scene.

Dallas Bridal Portraits: Bird Dogs + Birds + Shotgun = ? When we arrived at the lake there was entire entourage of people on hand for this bridal production. Her best friends were there along with her three very lively labs. The dogs were going wild as we were at one of their favorite locations, a lake full of ducks ready to be retrieved!

Dallas Bridal Photography, Meets Bridal Fashion Then there are the times that I do fashion photography of professional models, my favorite of which being when bridals and fashion intersect. Fashion shoots are great, because you have a talented set of hair and makeup artists present, art directors, and assistants flying all over the place to adjust lighting and grip equipment. 

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Blogs: Engagement Portraits

Dallas Wedding Photography Blog

Engagement portraits are a great and fun way to get your wedding photography started. Engagement portraits are the perfect way to capture your personality as a couple. Engagement pictures can show your fun and carefree side as well as your passionate and more serious side. You will treasure the photos from your engagement session for years to come! Enjoy looking over some of our couples' engagement sessions! Check out more infomation about Jason's engagement sessions.

Dallas Engagement Portraits: Brian and Monica! As always, I cannot say it enough: engagement portraits are the best. Most couples don’t have much experience in front of the camera, and these portraits are a great warm-up. It also allows me to get to know the couple and observe how they interact.

Ashlee & Josh's Engagement Portraits at the DMA As a Dallas wedding photographer I have found that the way to photograph as successful engagement session is to just let the couple be themselves. The most beautiful engagement portraits come from capturing a couple’s natural chemistry. 

Dallas Engagement Portraits in an Urban Oasis! I am a Dallas wedding photographer, which means that I have the incredible opportunity to work with so many great couples that are in love, and love to have fun! Lane and Andrew definitely fit the bill, as they are so dedicated to each other, and are also equally dedicated to cracking themselves up and having a blast.

Dallas Wedding Photographer Takes A Look At The Royal Wedding One of the biggest weddings of all is taking place this Friday, so it is only fitting that we take some time to look at the Royal Wedding. Wedding coverage on our side of the pond begins around 3AM, so set your alarm clocks.

Dallas Wedding Photographer, Lane and Andrew are Engaged! It was the perfect plan. After all, everyone was unavailable, it was an incredibly inconvenient weekend, and there was no way to get friends and family together for any kind of event, much less a wedding proposal. At least it seemed as such on the surface.

Dallas Engagement Photography, Love on a Trolley When we met Leah and Andrew there was an immediate connection. It is always amazing when you get to work with such a wonderful and fun couple! Leah was one of the brides that had pretty much everything under control. When it came time for her Dallas engagement photography and bridal sessions, she wanted a little help in pulling her ideas together.