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Dallas PhotographerWelcome to Jason's personal project blogs. These blogs are where Jason lets loose and has fun. The blogs below include personal projects and everything from portrait sessions with his beloved pugs to special moments from his own wedding day. Get to know Jason better through these fun and sometimes random blogs!

Dallas Photographer: Pizza Pizza Pizza! As a Dallas photographer, I get to spend a lot of time around kitchens taking photographs of restaurants, chefs, and of course, delicious food. I’ve become a major foodie because of this exact reason.

Dallas Photographer: Family Christmas Card We had everything planned out perfectly to pull of 7 Christmas’s but we were unexpectedly bombarded by a stomach virus that hit 2 days before Christmas. Hopefully you all can cut this Dallas photographer some slack.

Dallas Photographer: Chubby Baby+Sunflowers=Fun Check out our family portrait session with our new little son!

Baby Jack's First Photo Shoot! Forgive me if it seems that I have a bit of baby on the brain, but it has somewhat consumed the lives of Aynsley and I since May 3rd. Plus, who doesn’t love photos of incredibly cute children?

Welcome To The World Baby Jack Jack Jack. Jack Attack. The Jackalope. Call him what you will, little Jack James Kindig is here! Jack was born at 5:47AM on May 3rd, 2013, and weighed in at an impressive nine pounds even.

Baby K: Due any Day! If you didn’t know, we are expecting a baby any day now! Aynsley’s official due date is tomorrow, April 19th, and we can’t wait to see what happens! This Dallas photographer has been gearing up in preparation, as I am looking forward to documenting Baby K when they decide to make their appearance.

Dallas Photographer: Bring on Man Weekend As promised, I have images to share with you all from my man weekend. A few days ago I posted up images from the weekend getaway that Aynsley and I had. However, today’s post is a bit different.

Our Wonderful Weekend Getaway I wanted to share photos from a recent getaway I had with Aynsley, and later on this week you will get to see photos from my man getaway weekend. One involved a great time cruising around Dallas, visiting a few places we have wanted to go to for some time, and the other involved firearms.

Memories of my Grandfather Last time I spoke about the beautiful fall colors that Aynsley and I got to enjoy, but I wanted to focus this particular blog on my grandfather. One of the best, and simultaneously somber parts of the trip was getting to visit my grandfather’s grave at the Ohio Western Reserve National Ceremony.

Dallas Photographer, Enjoying the Colors of Fall Let me begin by saying that I love living in Texas. It’s a great state with a lot of great things to do and see, and I don’t think I would ever want to be anywhere else. That said, of the many incentives to live in Texas, the weather wouldn’t be one of them. We basically have two seasons here: hot and not hot.

Two Pugs and a Baby! Well I have some very exciting news to share with all of you today. There is a bun in the oven. We will be having a baby on April 19 of next year! Great news isn't it?

Love You Some Crawfish! We ended up having about ninety pounds of crawfish to feed around thirty people and that doesn’t even include all of the dips, desserts, red beans and rice and of course the spoon bread. In case you are wondering, spoon bread is like cornbread on steroids. You can see it in one of the photos mixed with cheese and hatch chilies. I made four batches of this stuff and it was all gone.

Happy Easter and Happy Hunting My wife’s family has an annual tradition to have the “kids” do any Easter egg hunt. Now naturally this tradition started when they were wee children but somehow the tradition never ceased when they got older. Now they are a bunch of 20 somethings running around in a frenzy for Easter eggs.

Lions, Tigers and Koala Bears So as you read this most of you are probably getting ready for work, are at work or are getting your Monday under way. However if you were a koala right now you would be finishing breakfast and getting ready to hit the sack for about eight to ten hours. I don’t know about you but it makes me just a tad bit jealous.

Breckenridge Ski Trip 2011 Each year or so, my wife’s family loads up several vehicles with tons of warm winter gear and heads west towards the land of Colorado. With 18 people in attendance, the scene was pretty energetic, and Aynsley’s family always has a great time hanging out.

Decorating for Group Thanksgiving I hope that all of you enjoyed Thanksgiving with friends and family, I wanted to share with you some of the setup from our annual group Thanksgiving. Aynsley and I are blessed to have a great set of friends, specifically four other couples that we hang out with on a weekly basis.

Even Dallas Wedding Photographers Need a Vacation Aynsley and I recently traveled to Mexico for a little time to ourselves, rest and relaxation. We decided it was time for us to get away so within two days we had planned and booked our trip to Mexico. It was time for this Dallas wedding photographer and his wife to hit the road.

Gear For The Dallas Wedding Photographer Part II A few days ago I gave a breakdown on the cameras in my bag for a wedding, and now it is time to talk glass. Glass is a cool Dallas wedding photographer term for lenses by the way. Now you are in the in crowd.

Gear for the Dallas Wedding Photographer Part I Gear! Photographers love it and of course they need it, at least most of the time. It seems that every time I am around new photographers, interested doctors, lawyers or businessmen for that matter, there is always that one inevitable question: What do you shoot with? So, what do I shoot with? What lenses do I use? Do I only shoot available light, or do I use flash? The answer: yes.

Dallas Photographer Shoots Living Art Part II Once Aynsley and I had locked down an approach to the project, we went ahead and took over a studio and got everything set up. The idea was to be focused solely on the model/artwork interaction, so we wanted the background to fall off completely. I shot it to a black seamless, which did a pretty good job of soaking everything up, black velvet would have been even better, as it absorbs every last bit of light.

Dallas Photographer Shoots Living Art With that out of the way, not that the excitement will leave me for some time to come, I would like to change up from some of the regular stuff I post as a Dallas photographer, and share some more abstract images with you. I shot these in college as part of a personal project, and some of these shots are even on *gasp * film!

Dallas Photographer, Rub a Dub Pug! I know that it’s a safe bet you will read this post. You want to know why? Because it’s about pugs. And not just any pugs mind you, but Tank and Loafer the wunderpugs. It seems that they are a mild obsession to me, Dallas photographer Jason Kindig, and my wife Aynsley, and for good reason.

Dallas Wedding Photographer, Unique Bridal Bouquet With all of the wedding planning going on in my family right now as we prepare for the last sister to get married  I have been thinking a lot about my wedding two years ago to Dallas wedding photographer Jason Kindig. 

Dallas Photographer, Pugs First Birthday! We have pugs. We love these pugs. Some might say too much. I completely disagree, but will let you be the judge. Our two pups, Tank and Loafer, just celebrated their first birthday, or rather we celebrated for them, and in typical fashion Aynsley and I wanted to take the festivities to the top.

Dallas Photographer, Chasing the Wild Snow Pug In the frosted mountains of Tibet, there is a creature that strikes fear into even the majestic Snow Leopard. Though rarely seen outside of captivity, the Wild Snow Pug is a formidable beast. As a Dallas photographer, I spent nearly three years trying to document this elusive creature, and was finally able to chance upon two pups experiencing their first journey into the snow.

Dallas Photographer, TCU Stadium Implosion As a Dallas photographer, I get sent all over the place to do a variety of things, and shoot just about everything one can imagine, but I never had the opportunity to shoot an implosion before. We walked all over the place to scout different spots, and finally Daniel and I settled on a great spot that would frame the stadium up well, and really show all of the structure as it broke apart.

Dallas Photographer, My Favorite Christmas Memories There is so much tradition surrounding Christmas, and though first and foremost it is a celebration of the birth of Jesus Christ, there are many other wonderful traditions and memories that come to mind this time of year.

Dallas Photographer, Importance of Giving This Season With all of the décor, wonderful food, and Christmas carols it’s so easy to get tied up in the busyness and thrill of Christmas. However, while we make our lists and check them twice, there are those in our community who will go hungry during this season of joy. It has become a Christmas tradition for Dallas photographer Jason and I to go grocery shopping for families in need. Last Christmas we shopped for an individual family.

Dallas photographer, Introducing the PUG Ninjashred and Shred-A-Pug 2.3! Well, those days of pain, suffering, and extreme worry to the point of loss of sleep are finally over, thanks to the PUG Ninjashred, and Shred-A-Pug 2.3 by Ronco! Now, when you go to bed, you can rest easy, as the PUG Ninjashred and Shred-A-Pug 2.3 go to work.

Dallas Photographer, TCU Stadium Implosion I had a very cool opportunity as a Dallas photographer to document destruction yesterday morning. In case you haven’t heard, TCU, who is headed to the Rose Bowl by the way (congrats!), recently decided to modernize their 80-year old stadium to accommodate more fans and suites, as well as improve overall flow through the stadium.

Dallas Photographer, Our First Christmas Tree! Jason and I, along with the pugs of course, spent last Sunday decorating our home with Christmas joy. Well, technically, Jason and I did most of the decorating while Tank and Loafer had fun trying to eat our Christmas tree.

Dallas Photographer, our Group Thanksgiving! This year we decided that we should have a Thanksgiving dinner together, so the wheels began rolling. As we normally meet Thursday nights, we decided to have our dinner ahead of time since we will be celebrating with family this week. So, I got to have a nice warm-up meal two weeks ago, and it was lovely.

Dallas Photographer, Pugs+Paint+New Wood Floors We have pugs, in case you didn’t know. I love these guys to death, but as with all beautiful creatures, they will frustrate you from time to time. They had a fairly rough time of the whole potty training thing, and our carpet, which was not so hot already, took the brunt on their learning curve.

Dallas Wedding Photographer, Jason Kindig: A Glimpse At His Wedding Reception, Part II Once I had figured out my birdcage theme for my reception I began collecting various birdcages of all shapes and sizes. I went all over Dallas looking for the perfect centerpieces and with the help of friends and family I found the perfect eight birdcages.

Dallas Wedding Photographer, Jason Kindig: A Glimpse At His Wedding Reception During this whole wedding planning process I gained a lot of respect for wedding planners! This was a huge undertaking which only seemed to get bigger and bigger the further in I got. However, the wedding planning process was a wonderful undertaking that I will never forget, and in the end I loved seeing my personal artwork throughout the ceremony and reception.

Dallas Photographer, the Rangers World Series Gala It has been a nail-biter the entire time, and my stress level has been on the upswing for the past few weeks, but it’s all good. Fortunately my photography has not been the source of this stress, as evidenced by an event I got to attend the other night. As a Dallas photographer, I had the opportunity to go to the 2010 Rangers World Series Gala out at Circle R Ranch in Flower Mound to take some photographs that I can’t wait to share with you all once they have been published.

Dallas Engagement Portraits, A Look Into Our Special Day Jason had a special evening picnic prepared for us near a beautiful pond. Picnics are one of my favorites, but this one was unbelievable. We even had a server who brought out each portion of a five course meal Jason had personally prepared. We ate and drank by candlelight and he talked about his love for me. Can you get more romantic?? Afterwards Jason and I went on a walk to another portion of the park where a river was.

Wedding Photography, Bring on the edits! Much to my surprise, I came home from work last week to find that my living room had been transformed into a temporary editing studio. All of my coffee table accessories had been removed, as well as the pillows and throws on the couches. The accessories had been replaced with tons of small cutouts of photographs, which now covered the coffee table, two sofas, and the floor. Yes, my husband is definitely a photographer.

Dallas Photographers Extended Family Portrait As you would probably have guessed, I have taken more photos of our pups. I may have to buy a new hard drive dedicated for pugs, this promises to get out of control really fast. They are growing like weeds, so we are trying to document as much of the puppy stage as possible, just not the housebreaking part (too much running around and enthusiastic yelling to hold a camera steady). I will say I’ve never been so excited to see a dog use the bathroom outside.

Dallas Photographers Pug Portraits Aynsley and I had twins last week, they came to us at 7 weeks! How amazing is that? So yes, Aynsley and I are now proud parents of two beautiful pug puppies: Tank and Loafer. We had our first portrait session last night, and as you can see, they are fabulous models. Loafer is the top pic and Tank is on the bottom, how awesome are those faces?

Dallas Photography, Pugs in The Snow In case you haven’t heard, the Dallas/Fort Worth area had a record 12.5 inch snowfall last week. Being a Dallas photographer, I was of course out and about to capture some of its beauty. I must say that there really is nothing like snow; it makes everything look so clean and perfect. I always think of a Wonderland, no not that Wonderland, whenever snow comes south of the Rio Grande (though that doesn’t happen often where we live).

Photography Blog, Welcome to the New Jason Kindig Photography Blog! I would like to take this opportunity to welcome you to the brand new Jason Kindig Photography blog! It is here that I will be displaying and discussing what I do, and how I do it. I specialize in wedding photography, event photography, portraiture, food photography and architectural photography. My desire for this blog is to not only create a place where you can see what I am up to from day to day, but also a place that functions as a sounding board for discussion, education and a bit of entertainment as well.