Commercial photography questions? We've got answers.

What are the particulars for getting an estimate?
I would be more than happy to get an estimate prepared for you. Below are a few things I need in order to prepare as accurate a quote as possible:

   - When and where is your shoot?

   - What kind of images do you need? (Portraits, Headshots, Products, Services, Interiors)

   - What is a rough estimate of the number of shots needed?

   - What will you be using the images for? (Web, Advertisements, Marketing Materials, Etc.)


Who owns the images?
All of the images taken by a photographer remain exclusive property, as stated by "Copyright Law." Images are licensed for your specific usage, and copyright can be transferred if you are interested in a complete "buy-out" of the images. This is not necessary for most clients, and will often cost more than the shoot itself but is available as an option. 


Can you meet me at the location prior to the shoot for scouting purposes?
I would strongly suggest that we meet at the shoot location prior to the day of the shoot, particularly if we are doing any kind of environmental shots. This allows everyone to be on the same page for the shoot, and by knowing your specific needs at the shoot location, I can work as efficiently as possible to create compelling imagery.

Can you shoot at night or on the weekend?

Whenever you need photography done, I will be there. Whether we need to shoot at sunrise or sunset, during the week or on a weekend, I am available when you need to make it happen.


Can you shoot in studio?
As a photographer who shoots primarily on location, one of the great things about my photographic services is that I will bring the studio to you. That said, I have access to a variety of studios to suit your specific needs.


Do you have vendors you can recommend for my shoot?
I am fortunate to work with a variety of very talented people on my shoots, and can bring in great hair/makeup stylists, prop stylists, food stylists, high-end furniture rentals, or anything else you may need to make your shoot a success. Just let me know what your vision is, and I will bring in the talent to bring it to life.


Can I view my images online after the shoot?
Yes. Each client will receive a password-protected gallery of selects from the photo shoot. You can also download images directly from the site in high resolution.

What is your typical turnaround time?
Depending on the shoot volume, I typically have selects available to view online within 3-5 days of the shoot, and can have them available sooner depending on your specific needs.


Should I have my images retouched?
Retouching is what takes a good image and makes it great. Whether it's simply toning and balancing to make an image pop off of the page or removing a BMW out of the middle of your group shot, retouching will take your images to the next level. I can create a retouched sample from the selects of your individual project upon request so that you can see the difference that it will make for you.


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