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Dallas Food Photography, Come on Summer!

Jason Kindig
By Jason Kindig
on April 14, 2015
Dallas Food Photography

Well, as you probably know, it is pretty darn cold outside today. Unfortunately, due to my desire to save change, my office feels about the same. So, instead of turning up the heat (or even turning it on for that matter), I have decided to show off a few tasty Dallas food photography images that conjure up feelings of a warmer time of year. First off, what do you think of as the number one thing when someone puts the summer and food together? Your answer is probably a resounding “Burgers and Barbecue!” which means that you probably did not read the question properly, but no worries.

Dallas Food Photography

In either case, I love to grill, even when it is cold outside, and look forward to some nice warm patio parties this summer, with plenty of various cooked and/or smoked meats passed around. To get everyone’s mind focused properly, here is one of my favorite burger photographs (and favorite burgers!), from M&O Station Grill in Fort Worth, along with a plate of delicious ribs from Angelo’s in Fort Worth, and finally, to give things a serious kick to the thermostat, the flaming fajitas from La Familia Mexican Restaurant in Fort Worth.

Now, I was sent to do the food photography of all of these  reviews, but also had the luxury of taste testing some of these items, (after all, do you want them to serve you a burger I just photographed for 30 minutes?) and giving my own unofficial, yet far less credible review. It would probably be fun for someone to count the amount of times I say, “Awesome!” when eating these things. Aynsley and I also have our own little review of the food I get sent home with, as you can really tell good food by the leftovers it makes.

An excellent case in point is that Bleu Cow Burger up top. Even after a drive home that burger was amazing, to the point where it may be one of the best burgers I have ever had. And trust me, I have had a lot of burgers. The same could be said for the ribs, and probably the fajitas, except I finished them all at the restaurant. Yum. Enjoy!

Editorial Food Photography 3

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