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Dallas Wedding Photographer, Wedding Reception Food of 2010

Jason Kindig
By Jason Kindig
on April 14, 2015
Dallas Wedding Photographer

Now here are some classy chips and salsa.

Ahh, food. This may be one of my favorite categories to write about, simply because I am a total foodie and do quite a bit of editorial food photography. Weddings contain so many beautiful details, and one of the most important is certainly the food. After all, it is one of the main ways that you keep your guests happy and fueled up to party down all night. As a Dallas wedding photographer, I have seen (and sometimes eaten!) quite a variety of wedding food, and thought it would be fun to share some of the more interesting and delicious trends that I noticed over the past year.

There was definitely a trend towards getting back to the basics. No matter how formal and fancy the affair, a few types of foods seemed to be universal at weddings this past year. These tasty treats fit into the heart-warming and deliciously informal categories of comfort food and fast food. Even when the guests are treated to a lavish sit down dinner, I have noticed that at some point in the evening, this is the kind of stuff that will most likely make it’s way through the crowd, whether they are making delightful conversation or pumping their fists to Journey.

Dallas Wedding Photographer

Gotta love chicken strips.

How fun is it to go to a beautiful, elegant wedding that has every last detail thought of, where you can also dine on some of the best chicken strips you’ve ever had? Chicken strips, which I consider comfort food but obviously cross over into fast food, were certainly the most prominent relaxed dish I noticed, with mac n’ cheese and sliders of all kinds, beef, crab, etc. coming in a close second. Grits, especially those loaded with cheese, made an appearance on occasion, and I even saw some sushi at a wedding or two. Now I know sushi isn’t exactly what you would call comfort food, but it makes me very happy, and therefore comfortable, so it gets a nod. Also, one of the more unique standouts to me was the classic honey butter biscuit. If you are like me you start thinking of Whataburger, and I definitely wish I had come across more of these during wedding season.

Now, not only was relaxed food the thing to eat, but when it came to size, miniature versions abound. I saw everything from milk shakes in shot glasses to tiny hotdogs, itty-bitty ice cream cones and chips and salsa by the (small) glass. The list keeps going and going, basically anything that could be grabbed and gulped down quickly so that you continue getting your party on was the way to go.

Dallas Wedding Photographer

Mini Sirloin Burgers!

Also, the food did not stop after dinnertime or the buffet line. All kinds of snacks were to be found well into the night, as it helped give guests their second wind and keep the dream alive on the dance floor. There was even one wedding where they passed out breakfast burritos as the wedding wound down, how nice to give a boost for the car ride home! Enjoy the images; I hope you don’t get too hungry!

If you want to see some of our other top favorites and trends from 2010, feel free to check out floral arrangements, wedding and groom’s cakes, and wedding dresses. We hope you enjoyed our overall look at 2010! Here’s to another great year of beautiful weddings!

Dallas Wedding Photographer

Frosty shots of milkshakes!

Dallas Wedding Photographer

Honey Butter Biscuits!

Dallas Wedding Photographer

What wedding would be complete without macaroni and cheese?

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