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Dallas Photographer, Judie Byrd's Cookbook!

Jason Kindig
By Jason Kindig
on April 14, 2015


Dallas Photographer

As a Dallas photographer, I get to shoot all kinds of things with all kinds of great people. Of all the people that I get to work with, Judie Byrd has to be one of my top faves. I do quite a bit of Dallas food photography with her for the magazine I shoot for in Fort Worth, so we are always up to something when it comes to food.

Dallas PhotographerWe have become good friends in our time together, so when Judie was working on a new edition of her cookbook, Judie Byrd’s Kitchen: Everyday Family Recipes, I was more than happy to shoot the portraits for her cover! The focus of the book, and her cooking in general, is to help busy moms prepare great meals for their families that are simple and don’t take all day to make. Less time in the kitchen means spending more time with the kids. More time with kids equals more quality family time, which is something that no family can ever get enough of. My wife and I have certainly grown to appreciate simple meals, even though we only have two adorable pugs and no kids right now, as the schedule of a Dallas photographer is always changing, and can get really crazy sometimes.

Any way, back to Judie. She wanted a shot that was fresh and contemporary, with great color and personality, and we did all of the shots in her kitchen. The cool thing about Judie’s home is that I always feel like I have just walked into my grandmother’s house, and for some reason, just like my grandmother's house, I never leave on an empty stomach. Oh the joys of being a Dallas food photographer. The kitchen was the perfect place to shoot, not just because of the cookbook obviously, but because her personality shines throughout the kitchen. There are little personal touches everywhere that contain wonderful memories from the past, or create new memories for her grandchildren. It is a very warm and inviting area, which means a perfect scene for a Dallas photographer.

Though we shoot quite a bit of food together as I’ve said, I very rarely get to take any photographs of her, and usually it is a detail of her hands, so this was a fun experience for me as a Dallas photographer. She let her personality shine through, and the cover came out great. The image at the top of the blog is for the front cover, along with some of her delicious recipes, and the other image you see was for the back cover. Doesn’t she look like someone you just want to call up and have come to your kitchen? I know I wouldn’t mind!

Dallas Photographer

For more info on Judie and all the things she is up to, check her site out at, and you can purchase a copy of the book here. Thanks so much, and as always, enjoy! 

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