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Dallas Photographer, Del Frisco's Menu Covers and Hot Prime Rib

Jason Kindig
By Jason Kindig
on April 14, 2015

Dallas Photographer

Friday seems like a good day to talk about classy steak places, so here we go. I am a Dallas photographer, and love being a Dallas food photographer. I have had the great fortune to photograph for Del Frisco’s Double Eagle Steakhouse on multiple occasions, and recently photographed the redesigned menu cover imagery for their locations in both Dallas and Fort Worth. The original cover, if you have not had the opportunity to see it, was a simple cover with their logo and rose graphic. It was a nice classic cover, but they decided to do something more image intensive, so we worked on individual concepts for each of the restaurants.

For Dallas, the focus was on architecture that is iconic to Del Frisco’s.  Any regular patrons of the steakhouse will instantly recognize the brass doors leading to your dining experience, and the intricately detailed wooden bar, so we photographed both for possible covers. My favorite as a Dallas photographer was the bar, as it had such a great and powerful look, plus the presentation of liquor bottles is pretty cool. Also, if you check out the photo, you will notice the classic phrase that adorns their restaurants, at the top of the bar. “Do right and fear no man.” Always powerful, and something I enjoy seeing.

Dallas PhotographerDel Frisco’s Fort Worth had some similar thoughts, but also wanted to speak to the city they are in. Being that they are located in cowtown, Western themes always make for the best bet. Fort Worth holds very strongly to its cattle-based cowboy culture, as evidenced by the restored architecture in Fort Worth, and the attitude and dress of people in general. It is always great to be in Fort Worth and feel like you are in a small town that has, oh about 740,000 people living there.

So, keeping this in mind, DF Fort Worth wanted me as a Dallas photographer to capture the feeling of a place where you would want to hang your hat. Literally. Right when you walk in the door there are hat hooks to the side for individuals to place their cowboy hats on while having dinner.  We gathered up a variety of hats, and then I styled them for the best look. I also shot some of the woodwork detail for additional options.

Finally, while I was there shooting the hats, they decided to have me update the photo of their prime rib, which is offered only on weekends. Though as a Dallas food photographer I have had the glorious opportunity to photograph a ton of different steaks, and all manner of cuts, it was my first time to shoot a prime rib. This thing was unbelievable. They wanted shots of it whole and plated, and this baby was nothing short of impressive when brought out whole. It was piping hot and just dripping with juiciness, so the chef cut it open to show off the delicious interior, and I had them leave the knife in to bring everything to scale. After all, what good is photographing a massive prime rib that requires its own platter if you can’t tell the size in the menu.

Dallas Photographer

After getting this shot, chef plated it and made sure everything was nice and juiced up to make it look perfect. Also, in case you are wondering, as a Dallas photographer who shoots food often, I rarely if ever use any items that are artificial when shooting food, as I prefer to work with natural products. That is why we just poured some of the pan juices on it to make sure it did not look dry (which it certainly wasn’t!). See what you think, if your mouth is watering then this Dallas photographer is a happy man. Enjoy!

Dallas Photographer

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Jason Kindig
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