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The Top 5 Questions to Ask Your Commercial Photographer

Jason Kindig
By Jason Kindig
on April 14, 2015

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When hiring a Dallas commercial photographer there are some specific questions you should 

be asking your potential photographer before you sign on the dotted line. In my experience I have found that businesses know that want:

  • High quality photographs

  • Fresh Look

  • Highly Personalized Images

  • Professional Representation of their Company

In order to insure that you achieve these goals with your photography, here are some of the first questions you need to ask when searching for your Dallas commercial photographer.


1.)    What kind of experience do you have in commercial photography?

It may seem elementary, but ask about your Dallas commercial photographer’s experience. Check out their portfolio and see if their photographs coincide with what you are looking to achieve. The last thing you want is to spend a lot of time shooting only to find out that the images are subpar.

2.)    What are your turnaround times?

This day and age of immediate gratification businesses are expected to have fresh content all of the time for their customers and potential customers. You need to have your website, social media outlets, catalogs, brochures, etc, updated constantly in order to stay in front of your customers. You need content and you need it quickly. In order to meet that need make sure that your Dallas commercial photographer can turn your images around quickly. You need to know how many days it will take before you have your photographs. In some cases you may need your photographs immediately. Can your Dallas commercial photographer handle a super rush? Timing is everything, so make sure your Dallas commercial photographer is prompt.

3.)    Will I be able to view the images on site?

With technology you can now instantly look at the pictures your Dallas commercial photographer is taking moments after the frame is shot. This is a huge benefit because you know exactly what you are getting and you can tweak things as necessary. Talk to your potential Dallas commercial photographer about being able to view the images on site. You want someone that can show you the pictures instantly to ensure you are getting everything you hoped for.

4.)    What kind of backdrops can we shoot to?

If you are having a Dallas commercial photographer out to your business, you are going to be looking for a lot of different photographs. Perhaps you need pictures of your building, and offices, candid shots of your employees and clients interacting, and even headshots and group portraits of your staff. Portraits and headshots are where you may want a clean backdrop. Be sure to ask your Dallas commercial photographer about the backdrops they have to meet your portrait and headshot needs.

5.)    Will you take care of posing and basic creative direction?

It is a Dallas commercial photographer’s job to represent your company in a professional manner in every shot. You want a photographer who has a lot of experience with commercial shoots so that they can properly pose and direct the shoots. This all goes back to question number one, their experience.

Dallas Commercial Photographer

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Jason Kindig
Written by Jason Kindig
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