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D Weddings Tablescape Favorites

Jason Kindig
By Jason Kindig
on April 14, 2015
Dallas Wedding Photographer

Hey guys!

I hope all of you had a wonderful holiday season! Aynsley and I were fortunate enough to catch our breath for a few days before getting the New Year underway, and we are so excited to see what 2013 has in store! There are a few built-in bits of excitement, such as the birth of our first child! My brother is graduating from the University of Texas this year, so we know there will be plenty to celebrate!

Dallas Wedding Photographer

We also have more excitement to share, and though it came out at the end of last year, I am choosing to celebrate it now. In case you haven’t seen it yet, the latest issue of D Weddings is on newsstands everywhere, and we are in there. In addition to my Dallas Wedding Photographer ad, I have one of my weddings from last year in the Real Weddings section, you can go check out their Dallas wedding blog, and I also photographed one of the tablescapes in the book.

I did the tablescape shoot for D Weddings in the fall, which was such a fun experience. I was teamed up with several other great wedding vendors, and got to document the creations they came up with. Not only do the tablescapes provide excellent ideas and inspiration for the brides, but it also allowed different wedding vendors to really demonstrate their creativity and have fun with the theme. Each team was given a color theme to work with, and as you can see, we were given yellow.  StarDust Celebrations handled all of the concept and design work, and Dr. Delphinium provided the floral and décor. It was a very bold design with the floral and vines going up and over the table. By having what was basically a vine-covered arbor arching over the setup, it really took it from simply being a dinner table, and turned it into an entire scene. I can certainly see it being perfect for any bride channeling her inner princess.

The other fun part about this shoot was the time that I was able to dedicate to it. As a Dallas wedding photographer, I usually have a relatively short amount of time to shoot table setups, floral and various other details at the reception. With this table setup I was able to tether to my laptop and work with the team to make sure every detail was perfect. For those of you who don’t know what tethering is, it basically allows you to shoot your camera from your laptop, and view the images on a 15” MacBook Pro screen instead of the back of the camera. Between the floral, cakes, silverware, stemware, menu cards, etc. we had quite a few details to check, but I am completely obsessed with details so it was fun for me.

All in all, I was very happy with how everything turned out. I also continue to be impressed at the various designers and teams around Dallas that put these kinds of spectacular tables setups together week in and week out on a pretty tight schedule. It is certainly no easy task, but they sure rock it!

I hope that you enjoy the images as much as I enjoyed making them, also please be sure to check below to see the entire team that made this beautiful creation possible! I wish you all a very happy New Year, and away we go!

Concept and Design:

Marsha Ballard French, StarDust Celebrations

Floral and Décor:

Dr. Delphinium Designs & Events


Ducky Bobs


William Horton Designs


Nothing Bundt Cakes


Printing With Pizazz

Dallas Wedding Photographer
Dallas Wedding Photographer
Dallas Wedding Photographer
Dallas Wedding Photographer
Dallas Wedding Photographer
Dallas Wedding Photographer
Dallas Wedding Photographer

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Jason Kindig
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