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Dallas Commercial Photographer: Over at Bob's (Steak and Chop) House

Jason Kindig
By Jason Kindig
on April 14, 2015

Now usually when I share images from the Omni, it is Dallas event photography at one of their beautiful hotels in the Dallas Fort Worth area. I am usually in there for one event or another on a pretty regular basis. However, as a Dallas commercial photographer, I also get to shoot commercial work for the hotels, and I wanted to share some of those images with you today.

I have two recent shoots that I will be posting up on the blog, the first one being a shoot that I did for the Bob’s Steak and Chop House inside of the Omni Fort Worth Hotel. This is the one I’m talking about today. I should hopefully be posting my shoot for the Omni Dallas Hotel in the next few days. The two are quite different, which only adds to the fun for me as a Dallas commercial photographer.

If you know anything about me, you know that I love food. Seriously, right now you are probably nodding your head in agreement, if you have ever met me. I sometimes feel like it is a problem, but I guess as long as I classify myself as a foodie, I’m in the clear. Just like certain people you see that like to ‘collect’ stuff, I love to ‘sample’ cuisine. So, a shoot at Bob’s is right up my alley.

For this shoot, the client wanted to have some fresh shots of the restaurant and Wine Thief, which is next door. These are very posh and polished spaces, so my goal as a Dallas commercial photographer was to give the images a very sophisticated look with plenty of pop. I photographed a combination of interiors, exteriors, and also shot some food photography.

Dallas Commercial Photographer

Let’s start with the food. Yum. The first shot was an incredibly impressive bowl of macaroni and cheese (see here for my obsession with the dish), followed by an equally impressive chop. We went for a very clean and simple feel, which allowed the food to really stand out on its own. Not that it needed much help mind you. With some basic styling, everything had a perfect look, and then I was off to set up for the interior and exterior shots.

The exterior shots were the most challenging, as we were shooting from across the street back towards the restaurant. Over the years I have worked on developing my Dallas commercial photographer outside voice, which has come in handy at countless events, weddings and basically anywhere that a megaphone is required. However, even with that, it can be pretty hard to communicate ideas to the talent when there is plenty of wind and cars passing in between my subjects and me. This led to me doing a few wind sprints across the street to make sure that everyone was in the perfect place. I did not end up on the hood of a car (thankfully the last time that happened was college, fun story), so I felt pretty good about things.

Our finale was the bar. This was one of my favorites of the shoot, as there was so much depth and intricacy to the image. I wanted to make sure we had lots of individual scenes and emotions coming together to create atmosphere. It’s interesting to me, as my shooting style often goes to a more simple and clean look, but at the same time I love to incorporate depth and layering whenever I can. I guess it’s where the photojournalist in me meets my Dallas commercial photographer side. In either case, I hope you enjoy the images, and make sure to stop by Bob’s and enjoy a solid steak!

Dallas Commercial Photographer

Dallas Commercial Photographer

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