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Dallas Commercial Photography Smart Barre

Jason Kindig
By Jason Kindig
on April 14, 2015

Dallas Commercial Photographers

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One of the best parts about my job in Dallas commercial photography has to be the variety. I have never been one to sit still or do the same exact thing over and over again, which means that photography is well suited to me. Even in my earlier days as a photojournalist, I was photographing everything from parades and football games to smothered pork chops for a restaurant review. In short, I was always doing something new. Though I have transitioned from newspaper to commercial, event and editorial, that same love of variety has stuck with me.

Now when I shoot Dallas commercial photography, I cover everything from portraits to food, although I never did see those smothered chops again (probably not the appropriate food to be mentioned twice for a blog about a fitness studio).

So, after being asked to photograph new content for Smart Barre, I was excited! Fitness photography has such intensity to it, and great opportunities for moments and form. It also made for a nice change up from some of the other Dallas commercial photography that I had been doing at the time.

Since Smart Barre workouts use technique from ballet, yoga and Pilates, I knew there would be several great opportunities to get great form shots and plenty of interesting poses.

Commercial Photography Dallas

For this shoot, the biggest point of discussion was the light, which happens to one of my favorite parts about being a commercial photographer in Dallas. The client had soft natural light images but was looking to create some new images that had a little more drama to them. After looking over various fitness samples, we decided on a lighting scheme that added some nice drama and contrast, what I like to call pop and sizzle, and also made sure to highlight muscle tone. However, in highlighting musculature, we didn’t want to go too far the other direction and have really hard and intense light. After all, this was for a high-energy fitness studio, but I wasn’t making images of bodybuilders. The studio is specialized towards women’s fitness, so I kept a certain softness in how everything was lit.

As we went along, I captured Dallas commercial photography of both overall group fitness shots as well as details. The idea was to see the group form but also see the target areas that they work on and develop in their classes. Lighting for the target areas was especially critical, as I had to make sure that muscle tone, flat abs, etc. really had a chance to shine through.

I was fortunate to have plenty of talent on hand as well, so we could move ladies in and out continuously to ensure that we kept creating fresh content with fresh faces. Any time I can create more variety for my clients’ marketing purposes is a big win, as the world is always hungry for ever more content, especially online with social media and website usage.

Let me tell you, if you wonder at all if a barre workout is effective, I can give you a resounding Yes! to that. These ladies were fit. I’ll give you an example: To get just the right look, especially when you have groups of ladies doing the same exercise in a row, they often had to hold whichever pose they were in for a pretty decent amount of time while we checked to make sure everyone lined up perfectly. Some of the poses were not easy to hold even for a brief period of time, much less a minute or two. They had serious strength.

I hope you enjoy the images, and make sure to check out Smart Barre! 

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