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4 Photo Trends That Don't Need to Make a Comeback

Jason Kindig
By Jason Kindig
on April 14, 2015

Ahh trends. There are some of the funniest, and sometimes oddest, things that become wildly popular. Sometimes they even come back around. I feel like this is especially true in the fashion world, where if you wear your clothing long enough, it will go completely and utterly out of style, then become really cool again. It makes me wish this corporate photographer in Dallas hadn't gotten rid of his denim jacket. 

As a corporate photographer in Dallas I am always making sure to keep up with current trends, especially as it concerns technology. So much of the stuff I use is heavily dependent on current tech, and most of it makes my business run more efficiently, which is awesome. There are also plenty of trends in the actual photography side, some of which are definitely for the better. With today's blog, I just wanted to have a bit of fun, and look at some popular 80's photo techniques that really should not come back.

  1. Vaseline or panty hose on the lens. What's funny is I remember seeing this concept when I took my beginner photography class in high school. That leads me to wonder how old that textbook was. You can bet this corporate photographer in Dallas will never be putting either of those objects over this lens, and definitely not smearing vaseline on one of my filters. Petroleum based products and women's leg coverings draped on my gear just doesn't sound right. Here is what the objective was for both: In smearing some lens either over the entire filter or the edges, you get that dreamy soft glow that adds the perfect touch of romance to any photo. The panty hose works the same way, as you get a very softened look. It is also recommended that you play Cyndi Lauper's 'Time after Time' on repeat while shooting to get maximum effect.
  2. Star Filters So you've got a nightscape yes? What better way to make it sparkle than to add a star filter? Every light source in the scene becomes a gigantic star, and becomes something that you can't take your eyes off of. This may be kind of the moth to the flame concept, as the stars really can't be avoided in the shot. It had its heyday, but as a corporate photographer in Dallas, I believe it should be laid to rest.
  3. The double exposure vignette This has to be my all-time favorite, and can be seen in homes across America. In fact, head over to my mom's house and you'll see a sample upstairs. Don't acutally do that though, that would totally freak her out. So anyway, you had one exposure as the main frame, which could be a really happy fun expression, but just so the other side of your personality wouldn't be left out, they would then shoot another exposure of your serious look and have it print in one of the corners. Nice look, Jekyll.
  4. Really Fake Backgrounds In my work as a Dallas corporate photographer, I am constantly on the lookout for quality backgrounds around town or at the offices I am photographing at. It can be hard to find a good background, so I can understand while people would shoot against a fake background, but come on. I for one am glad that I never had a portrait sitting at the plantation or in the library with shelves that lean because someone forgot to get the background straight before shooting. However, what makes me even more glad is the fact that this was done back in the day, and now we get to enjoy the hilarity. The 80's have always been good for that, and photography is no exception. Enjoy!

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Jason Kindig
Written by Jason Kindig
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