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Jason Kindig, Dallas Photographer Blog

An Interview with Jason - Part II

Jason Kindig
By Jason Kindig
on April 14, 2015

Dallas Corporate Event PhotographersMy last blog post was an interview that had a few questions about how I got started on the path to becoming a corporate photographer in Dallas, and the parts that I enjoy most about it. Today's blog will be a continuation of that, and I hope through this blog you will get to know a little more about me.

What about photography interests you most?

As much as I love the craft that I get to do on a daily basis as a corporate photographer in Dallas, my favorite part about photography is the problem solving. I approach every shoot that I do like I would a puzzle: there are so many pieces and aspects to each shoot that have to be put together in order to make it a success. Elements such as lighting, composition, posing and logistics all have to be balanced just so in order to create great images with impact. If any of those pieces are not put together just so, the photo will not have the same amount of pop. I love being challenged, so I always approach each shoot that I do this way.

So do you do photography as a hobby as well, or just professionally?

I often tell people that I have the best of both worlds, as one of my hobbies happens to be the thing that I do for a living as a corporate photographer in Dallas. Every man has to convince his wife that spending money on his toys is a good decision, but since mine are necessary for business operation... Major win. In a creative field like photography, I cannot let the work that I do just become work. Doing photography as a hobby is a great way to let myself cut loose, relax and explore. The iPhone has been perfect for this. I always loved shooting on my Holgas, as they were very simple machines, so you really just had to focus on finding cool light and subject matter. With film processing costing a fortune they have been collecting dust, plus having a smartphone always ready to go doesn't help. Between my iPhone and shooting photos on vacation, I get a great chance to look and see what I can find unique in the world.

Which do you prefer: photos with people in them, or without?

Well, given that my primary focus as a corporate photographer in Dallas is portraiture, I'm inclined to say photos with people. I love shooting food photography in Dallas and landscapes when I'm on vacation, but there is just something about the opportunity to meet and connect with someone when I am doing their photo shoot that makes me prefer people.

If I didn't like interacting with people, I'd probably go into a different specialization, but since I love portraiture, I am a very content corporate photographer in Dallas. I want to develop a relationship with the people that I photograph, and view my clients not just as business contacts but as friends. I think that all humans, with the exception of hermits, desire human interaction. We really are designed as social creatures, so I have the wonderful opportunity to socialize with so many different people from a variety of backgrounds and industries. My curiosity also plays into this, as I will absorb wisdom from those that I am around so that I can learn about different things on a constant basis. I work with people to make them look their best, and I will form a connection with them along the way.

Thank you as always for reading, and I hope you enjoyed getting to find out a few aspects of why I love what I do!

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Jason Kindig
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