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4 Reasons to Update Your Photography Now!

Jason Kindig
By Jason Kindig
on April 14, 2015

Dallas Commercial Photographer

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With 2015 fully underway, now is the perfect time to get some great photography done by your Dallas commercial photographer! As if the joy of being in a photo shoot was not reason enough (come on, you know you like feeling like a rock star), here are four reasons why you should be getting photography done poste haste:

1. You have the time.

Question: What are all of us, all the time? Human, you say? Well yes, I certainly cannot argue with that, but what I’m talking about is the fact that every single one of us is busy. Really busy. All. The. Time. However, with the slowdown around Christmas and New Years, this is usually the time when people are just getting back into the swing of things and filling up their calendars for the year. Team schedules have (hopefully) not gone totally crazy yet, so it’s the optimal time to give that corporate photographer in Dallas a ring or ping and get a photography session set up. As the year goes on, things will only become more and more hectic, and if getting new photography for your business was on the to-do list, there is no better time to get it checked off and move on to the next item of importance.

2. You have the resources.

Since the year is young, there is a good chance that your budget is not fully allocated yet. It’s only a matter of time before projects, needs and who knows what else will pop up and start eating away at funds, so you should get your photography scheduled now. Right now. Marketing is vital to the success of any business, so updating your photography should be very high on the priority list. 

3. Start the New Year off with a Bang!

This is the year. With a majority of 2015 in front of us, there is a ton of opportunity to make this a very successful year, and all of that starts by making a strong impression now. You can put your best foot forward by contacting a commercial photographer in Dallas who can help make sure that you have strong content for your marketing materials, website and social media presence. The world consumes content with such an incredibly voracious appetite now, and it’s hungry for fresh content all the time that has a great look. Plus who doesn’t like to look like they are up with the times? That brings me to the next point: it really is time for new photos.

4. You need fresh content.

It’s time to get real. When was the last time you updated those interior photos of yours, or had new Dallas corporate portraits of your team or company? If you are looking over your content and see that you’ve changed hair color, hairstyles (neither of which are applicable to me) or have had employee turnover, it could be time. You definitely lose impact on your audience when you’ve had the same photos up for the past ten years. I totally get it, time gets away from you, and website pages certainly get put in the back of your mind as far as priority, but take it from me: call a Dallas commercial photographer and review how you can create some fresh content. You really should be keeping your website updated regularly, and impactful photography is a great way to do it.

So, it’s time to go get your photography done. Time will slip away and it will be the middle of the year before you know it, so get on out there and hire a photographer! 

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