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Dallas Headshots: Backdrop vs. Background

Jason Kindig
By Jason Kindig
on April 14, 2015

Ok, so you've decided it's time to get Dallas headshots done for your company or organization and get a fresh look going. There are plenty of details and questions to go over, but one of the first you should be asking is, "What should our background be?" There are of course almost limitless answers to this question, but the best way to start is by making the decision between shooting to a cloth or paper backdrop versus an actual physical location for the background. Below is a breakdown of each and what advantages each particular look affords:


Corporate Headshot Photographers Dallas

So a backdrop is where you have your Dallas headshot photographer bring out a particular background to use. Again, these are typically cloth or paper depending on the desired look of the client and preference of the photographer. You can get just about any color imaginable, and many cloth backdrops (also known as muslin) come with texture if you prefer.

The main advantage to going this route for your headshots has to be consistency. If you have a grey backdrop that all of your employees are photographed to, it allows for a consistent look. Whenever new people come in, they can be photographed to the same type backdrop and keep your marketing materials or website looking cohesive. This is especially well-suited to larger companies that have a lot more people on staff or are bringing new people in regularly.

The other advantage is that it guarantees you a place that will look good for your headshots in Dallas. Not everyone has an office space that is picturesque. Or perhaps you are having headshots done at your annual meeting or convention, and don't have an area in the hotel or convention center that suits your particular needs. With the backdrop, you don't have to worry about finding the right spot; your photographer 

just has to bring a backdrop with them and you are good to go.

Finally, backdrops are super clean. Generally my clients prefer a solid white, black or a light or dark grey. Since it is just a solid color, there is nothing distracting from the face of the subject, which can be very helpful when the image is run smaller, such as on a bio page with a thumbnail of the headshot.


Dallas Corporate Headshot Photographer

While photographing to a cloth or paper backdrop has many great advantages, there are several pros to consider for shooting with a physical location in the background. Examples of standard backgrounds that a photographer in Dallas might use could be everything from shooting with a window that has trees outside behind the subject to an interesting piece of architecture or textured wall in your office area.

The great thing about having your headshots done in this way is that it offers a very unique look to your company or organization. If you are in a building with great architecture and a fresh contemporary look, shooting your Dallas headshots to a background that contains those elements can make you look very fresh and cutting-edge. Of course, even if you don't have that kind of look at your offices there are plenty of locations you can shoot at to get that same feel.

Shooting to a physical location can also help speak to the industry or area that you serve. If you are a realtor for instance, you may consider shooting in a high-end home with rich finishes that show potential clients the types of residences you work with, as well as give your headshot a feeling of luxury and sophistication. If you are an attorney that serves Dallas, getting a hint of skyline in the background of your headshots may be the perfect thing to let people know that you are local and more specialized to serve their 


As a Dallas corporate headshot photographer, I hope this helps you in making the decision between a backdrop or physical background for your headshots!

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Jason Kindig
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