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Great Places To Go In San Diego, Part I

Jason Kindig
By Jason Kindig
on June 22, 2016

Jason Kindig, Dallas PhotographerIf you read one of my recent blog posts, you’ll see that summer is travel time for me as a Dallas event photographer. I have the opportunity to capture great moments for my clients in Dallas, and love when I get to do the same thing out on the road. What is especially nice is when I can do the combination of business and pleasure on some of these trips. When my client wanted to hire this Dallas corporate event photographer to come and shoot event photography in San Diego for them, it was practically a requirement that Ayns come and spend some time out there with me for a few days.

After looking over all of our familial logistics, i.e., where the kiddos would go, we decided to head out to SD before my shoot, with Ayns leaving the day before I had to get into Dallas event photography mode, San Diego style. Our last trip out to California was pretty thoroughly planned, but we were much more on the spontaneous side this time. My professional work as an event photographer in Dallas means that I live and die by my schedule, so it’s nice every now and then to cut loose and just kind of go freestyle with the hours of my day. We basically made a list of the places, spaces and experiences that we wanted to check out in our time there, and as we went through the trip, determined when we would see everything.

Jason Kindig, Birch Aquarium Photography

Ayns and I both love animals, and really enjoy hanging out at aquariums and zoos. These kinds of places really show just how creative, and sometimes how humorous God is when He created all of the different creatures on this earth. In the first afternoon that we were there we checked out the Birch Aquarium up in La Jolla, and all of that creativity is on full display with the sea creatures. I’ve never seen funkier and more beautiful animals. From all manner of dazzling colors and patterns, to seahorses that look and act like kelp, made for an afternoon well spent. It kept the Dallas photographer in me well occupied with my camera and iPhone.

Jason Kindig, Birch Aquarium Photography

Jason Kindig, Birch Aquarium Photography

Jason Kindig, Dallas Photographer

If Ayns had a dating profile, which she doesn’t – right honey? – pugs would be listed first on her interests, but long walks on the beach would be right up there. If San Diego has anything it’s beaches. We checked out so many amazing beaches, and they were all cool and different in their own way. The seals were so cool over in La Jolla, and really awesome to watch. They were constantly quarreling as they all tried to nap. One would flop right over or into another, and words and a show of teeth were displayed. If you’ve never watched a seal try to move on land, it’s definitely worth the price of admission. They are hilarious. My wife loves them mostly because they look like pugs (again, see interest number one). The sunset cliffs were really cool to check out, especially in seeing what all of the water and sand erosion did to the rock there. They had the craziest patterns and shapes.

We probably walked the beaches up in Encinitas the longest, and basically kept going until we thought the tide would come back in on us and leave us stranded. It was cliffs all the way down where we were, so that seemed like a pretty feasible reality. We were trying to find some cool tide pools, and never did get to them, but it was an awesome walk any way.Jason Kindig, Dallas Event Photographer

Contact Jason TodayThe beaches were sprinkled in throughout our entire trip, but the greatest concentration of time was spent checking out the critters at the San Diego Zoo and Safari Park. I’ll share more on that in my next Dallas event photographer post, so enjoy the beach for now!

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