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Turning One In Style

Jason Kindig
By Jason Kindig
on January 27, 2016

Jason Kindig Photography Dallas Event PhotographyI find it quite fascinating how much my perspective has changed as I enter into different stages of life. I’ve gone through many changes in my work as a Dallas photographer, as I started off in the newspaper world, then moved to the editorial side and now have coupled that with Dallas corporate and commercial photography. A big jump to be sure, and I love every minute of it, but in my opinion my personal changes have been even more dramatic.

I’ve watched how I view things as I’ve gone from dating to getting married to the love of my life, then getting some really crazy dogs and now having our two amazing kiddos. I’ve learned more about myself and at the same time, I understand so much more. And, as of late, I have much more sympathy for my parents in raising my brother and I.

All of that is to say that I never thought much about first birthdays. It’s pretty important obviously, since it is the first one, but after having my own children, I realize what a first birthday is all about: the parents. It’s an awesome celebration of the baby to be sure, but I think the real cause for joy is the fact that two people were able to survive raising a human for an entire year. If you haven’t engaged this particular challenge yet, then I promise you, you will feel like a champion after having gotten to this point, and you will want to celebrate.

All of that brings me to the lovely birthday celebration that I photographed a little while back for one of my clients. They were celebrating the first year of life for their beautiful baby girl, and had a great backyard party to get their festivities on.

Now we had a backyard party for our son’s first birthday, where I happened to be the designated party photographer for some reason, and it was awesome. Jack stuffed his face with cake and even had some help from one of his mischievous uncles to decorate his face further with chocolate cake and icing. However, this birthday party took the concept of a backyard party to an entirely different level. For starters, there was an absolutely stunning cake that you will see in the photos, and then the décor, which was handled by the birthday girl’s grandmother. It was perfectly on point and had plenty of character, down to the unique glassware that she had found. There were even hand painted roses on the dance floor, in honor of little Miss Ada Rose.Jason Kindig Photographer Dallas Photographer

The band that they had was awesome, and had an exceptionally broad repertoire. I heard everything from funk to opera, which made for a great time. However, my favorite part had to be the choir. Specifically, a gospel choir. To kick everything off, they appeared seemingly from nowhere to surprise the guests, and came walking down the stairs clapping and singing. They did several great classic songs, and it just created the perfect mood. I love the power and soul of gospel, and the choir brought all of that and more with a super upbeat and celebratory vibe.

The birthday girl came out at a few different times to make an appearance at her fete, and her family and friends made sure that they boogied down all night in her honor. As a Dallas event photographer I was there to capture all the excitement!

All in all it was just a wonderful time for everyone, and I had a blast capturing the moments and details that made it the beautiful evening that it was. And of course as always, I hope you enjoy the photos!

Jason Kindig Photography Dallas Event Photography

Jason Kindig Photography Dallas Event Photographer


Jason Kindig Photography Dallas Event Photographer

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Jason Kindig
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