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Bridal Portraits at The Highland Dallas

Jason Kindig
By Jason Kindig
on January 25, 2016

Jason Kindig Photography Dallas Wedding PhotographerI’m sure it’s wired into my Dallas photographer DNA, but I’m always super pumped to shoot in new locations. This is especially true when it is a really cool and unique location. If you live in Dallas, there is a good chance you’ve driven past this particular spot, and if you are anything like me, you pass it almost on a daily basis on Central Expressway. Honestly I feel like I spend almost as much time on that highway as I do at home, but we can get into that for another blog. Today is all about Dallas bridals. All right, back to the location.

I’m sure you’ve seen The Highland Dallas many a time. They recently opened under that name, and I have to say it was a pretty cool space. Courtney, the bride whom I was doing bridal portraits for, was having the entire wedding party get ready at the hotel, and thought it would be a cool space to capture her bridals. I have to say, the second I walked in I was totally smitten. Their entire lobby area is catnip for any photographer in Dallas.

They have managed to create a pretty cool vibe in there. It very clearly has a retro feel to it, yet with renovation and styling, there is a simultaneous modern aesthetic too. The result is a very unique location that I think would be perfectly suited for any fashion shoot, and certainly was the perfect setting for beautiful bridal portraits!Jason Kindig Photography Dallas Wedding Photography

I try to always make time prior to my portrait shoots to scout out all the potential shooting spots, particularly when it is somewhere I haven’t been before. I am a fan of having a plan, and like to know exactly which spot I will start at, the flow we will move through and where the grand finale shot will be. That allows me to work efficiently and smoothly, and also to keep a solid shooting rhythm.

For Courtney, we started at a cool wall to get warmed up and into a groove. They have a killer stairwell, which would provide for several great looks, so that was my next target. After spending some time on the upper tiers, we moved into what I had planned to be the main bridal shot.

However, we had to take a few shots with her shoes before that happened. She had a beautiful pair of shoes that she wanted to include in her portraits, so we took several where she was sitting on the stairs and showing them off. Those were fun, but the best part was when we moved spots. Being the diligent medical student that she is, she actually brought some hospital booties to protect the shoes while moving from location to location. I made sure I got a shot with her rocking those too; it was definitely a unique look!

We continued to the main portion of the staircase for some very epic and dramatic portraits, and then hung out on some of the couches in the lounge for a few more relaxed portraits.Jason Kindig Photographer Wedding Photographer Dallas

For the finale, we went outside. They had these great structures outside of the hotel’s restaurant, and I thought it would be the perfect place to finish things off. The light was just right for outside, and by doing shots on the exterior at the end, I was able to ensure that the weather wouldn’t be messing with anything before we got all of the necessary photos captured. All in all, we had a great shoot, and Courtney did a great job with her posing and expressions.

I hope you enjoy the photos, and stay tuned for some of my favorites from their wedding!

Jason Kindig Photographer Wedding Photographer Dallas

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Jason Kindig
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