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Pumpkin Pics at the Dallas Arboretum

Jason Kindig
By Jason Kindig
on October 30, 2015

Dallas Photographer Jason KindigRain rain, go away. Come again some other day. Actually, please don’t. I never want to be the guy that prays away rain. In fact, as an owner of a pretty happy garden right now, that is the least of my desires. But, being a Dallas photographer means that I am often at odds with the weather. Anytime an outdoor shoot is on the table, there has to be some study and research going on, along with a little bit of old fashioned gambling.

This shoot, which was actually a personal shoot for me, was a perfect example of dealing with the weather.

Any of you who have grown up in Texas know that the weather here changes on a dime. Shoot, it might even turn on a half-dime, which believe it or not was a thing back in the day. Regardless, I pretty much never know what will happen with the weather, and I never count one of my Dallas commercial photographer shoots out until as late in the game as possible. My wife is an avid fan of Pete Delkus, the weatherman (yes, she is a fan of a weatherman), and she trusts everything he says will happen. The jury is still out for me on anyone being able to predict the weather with accuracy, but that is my best bet in the meantime.

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So we wanted to do our annual tradition of family fall pumpkin photos out at the Dallas Arboretum. If you haven’t been, it’s seriously awesome out there. They have what must be an entire farms’ crop of gourds used to line the pathways, stack in piles and build structures in their fall-themed village. We’ve had friends and family alike come out for the photos, and it is a crazy time with kids running around and cameras flying every which way. 

My shoot schedule as a Dallas photographer is always totally unpredictable, but we found a date that worked best with as many people as possible and went for it. With so many moving parts and individuals, I try not to reschedule or cancel unless it is absolutely necessary.

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Well of course this year, there was rain moving in, and plenty of it. The question was when. We were going to do our shoot first thing in the morning and at first it seemed like we were clear, but then the timeline started to accelerate. Ayns, being my personal weatherwoman, was all over this. She stopped just shy of rolling up her sleeves, but had her nose buried in the radar. Even with it being the night before, it was not looking good, but was still too early to tell. Pete told her it was going to work out though, so we trusted him.

As we made our way over to the Arboretum, it was proving to be a gorgeous morning. I love the times I get to work with natural light as a Dallas commercial photographer, and things were shaping up perfectly.

Photographers DallasThen as we continued the commute, you could see the clouds moving in. By the time we were close it was starting to look pretty ominous, but by then we were all in and there was no turning the wagon around. We would just see what happened, and if it rained, well then it rained.

We got in, and took all sorts of photos. Shots with families, solos of kids, groups of kids, and I even got to wear a cowboy hat courtesy of one of the sweet ladies working out there! The crowds seemed to stay away with the threat of precipitation, which played totally in our favor. I got everything I wanted of our kids, and us and took care of my other peeps as well.

All in all, it was a bit of a gamble, but it worked out great, and the cloud cover made for beautiful light and cooler temperatures. This Dallas photographer is not feeling the urge to try his luck in Vegas now, but I did get some solid family memories. Enjoy!

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