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Three Ways Digital Changed Everything For Dallas Event Photographers

Jason Kindig
By Jason Kindig
on October 8, 2015


When I was first thinking over what I wanted to title this blog post on the awesomeness of digital photography for events, (which sounds like a pretty good title actually), my initial thought was “The Immediacy of Digital.” Now that’s sexy, at least if you happen to be a Dallas event photographer who is working on their doctoral thesis.

In which case it should probably read, “The Immediacy of Digital: advantages and client cost benefits achieved by the ability of event photographers to deliver images with incredibly fast turnaround or even instant turnaround times and print onsite.” 

Whew, now that was a mouthful. I think I actually had to breathe out loud partway through that title, so I’m glad that I kept it a little more simplified. But in all seriousness, digital photography, like so many other aspects of our world that have been digitized, has been completely revolutionized, and not just in the world of event photographers in Dallas.

You see it across the disciplines of commercial, corporate and editorial photography as well. Cameras continue to improve in speed, quality and reduced noise, which was formerly known as film grain. All of these features allow you to push the limits in event situations.

I shoot in rooms all the time without flash, where it would have basically impossible to do so, at least if you wanted anything useable, even just 4 or 5 years ago. I could write an entire blog about the technology itself, which I probably should do, but for today I wanted to focus on what this technology has allowed corporate event photographers to do, and the advantages that it creates for clients.

Here are three ways that digital photography is awesome for event clients:

  1.      Turnaround
Probably the biggest way that digital photography has been a game changer is in turnaround times. With an event photographer who is shooting digitally, you can basically have the photos as soon as you want them. There is no need to wait for processing, scanning or any of that stuff. There is no having to wait weeks any longer.
You can have your photos in a few days, the next day, or even get selects throughout the day depending on what you work out with your photographer. With a digital camera, laptop and Internet access, you can have your photographer delivering photos to you however you like for a multitude of uses. You just say how soon you need it, and it will be there.
  1.      Delivery

So you not only have the advantage of getting your photos as soon as you or your client needs or wants them, but there are so many delivery methods available. You don’t have to wait for a DVD to arrive in the mail to get photos. Digital means flexibility. You have the option of having your Dallas photographer send photos to you via ftp, or you can download images from a gallery that they provide to you in whatever resolution you need.

This allows you to access a lot of photos very quickly, especially if you have a large event or one that runs for several days. The other great option is if you have something like a photo experience or photo wall and want to provide photos to your guests. They can all walk away with an access card that allows them to go and download the photo for themselves, which can provide a very cool memento.

  1.      Prints in an instant
Finally, digital technology allows you the ability to have prints made onsite. Let’s say you want to take the guest downloads a step further. Event photographers can set up onsite printing so that you can gives your guest and actual physical memory from your awesome event. I for one have always treasured the prints I get at an event I’ve attended, as it helps to relive great memories.

Digital technology has been great for the event photography world, and make sure to discuss the potential options you have with your event photographer to achieve your marketing needs. The sky is the limit!

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Jason Kindig
Written by Jason Kindig
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