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Jason Kindig, Dallas Photographer Blog

Jason Kindig Photography Blog

May 7, 2014

Dallas Photography of Jack, Month by Month

Over the years my Dallas photography has helped to fine tune my observations of people and places. I usually have to figure out who and what to photograph, and how and where to do it in a very...

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March 11, 2013

Our Wonderful Weekend Getaway

This is a fun week of blog posts for me, just because of how completely opposite they are. Being the Dallas photographer I am, I wanted to share photos from a recent getaway I had with Aynsley,...

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November 28, 2012

Memories of my Grandfather

I wanted to continue blogging on my recent trip to Ohio, and being the Dallas photographer I am, I will also share some of the images that I took. Last time I spoke about the beautiful fall colors

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November 22, 2012

Thanksgiving Tradition!

Tradition! We all have our traditions when it comes to Thanksgiving. From what I’ve seen, they can range quite greatly. Every kind of tradition, from preparing every single dish, side and...

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November 17, 2012

Dallas Photographer, Enjoying the Colors of Fall

Let me begin by saying that I love living in Texas. It’s a great state with a lot of great things to do and see, and I don’t think I would ever want to be anywhere else. That said, of the many...

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November 14, 2012

Two Pugs and a Baby!


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