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Up On The Roof With Cointreau

Jason Kindig
By Jason Kindig
on October 13, 2016

Jason Kindig, Dallas Event Photographer

I’m quite fortunate as an event photographer in Dallas to see a little bit of everything. Whether it’s a convention with thousands in attendance, or small intimate parties and dinners, I love getting to be a part and document the look and feel of every event. I recently did an event photography shoot with Cointreau and Guest of a Guest that fit the description of the latter. Though there were plenty in attendance, it was more of an intimate affair that took place up at the rooftop pool of the Joule Hotel in Dallas.

If you’ve never gotten to visit the Joule, I would strongly recommend you take a moment to check it out. It is a very unique property, and as a highly visual person, I love getting to soak in the décor and photography that abounds. You can see the pool from Main Street, as it actually juts out of the building and allows poolgoers to check out all the activity on Main. However, for this particular shoot, there was no one in the pool, so I captured Dallas event photography of everyone on dry land instead. They did have tons of balloons in the pool though, which made for a great background for photos.

Jason Kindig, Dallas Event Photography

Jason Kindig, Event Photographer in Dallas

The highlight of the event had to be the bar. Now, duh you say, as that is often the highlight of most parties, but they had a bit of twist here. Spirit maker Cointreau had a full setup and list of cocktails – which you could make yourself! They had everything you needed, including all of the tools, and even had an expert bartender on hand to help out when necessary. I made sure to capture plenty of Dallas event photography at this bar, though I did not partake since I was working (you wouldn’t want your photos coming out sideways after all…). They had a very picturesque background with the buildings of downtown Dallas, and it really set a killer scene. And given that it was a fashion blogger kind of crowd, setting the scene was pretty important. Images abounded, as not only was I covering everything in the capacity of Dallas event photographer, but plenty of selfies and snapchats were to be had as well. Everywhere you looked, someone was documenting him or herself, and perhaps with a friend or two included. I would have expected nothing less from these social media masters.

Jason Kindig, Event Photography In Dallas

Jason Kindig, Dallas Event Photographer

In addition to the bar, there was also a very beautifully styled photo setup. I guess you could say photo wall, but really it was more of a cool vignette that you could take pictures at. Naturally I had to go and grab some photos here too. I would say most of the time was spent trying Contact Jason Nowto really capture the energy of the party, and show how all of the people there were having an awesome time, and again, capturing the interaction with the bar area. My favorite part of doing event photography in Dallas is capturing moments, so this is always were I get into my zone. The photojournalism training in me is suddenly activated, so not only do I seek out those moments, but I also work to grab as many details as possible along with shots that set the overall scene and feel. I always strive to tell the entire story of an event, no matter how large or small. Whether it is for two hours or two days, I want my images to convey the atmosphere and really allow the viewer to feel what it was like to be there through the images that they see.

Jason Kindig, Event Photographer in Dallas

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Jason Kindig
Written by Jason Kindig
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