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Five Things NOT to Wear for your Dallas headshots

Jason Kindig
By Jason Kindig
on June 17, 2016

JasonKindig-hsp-2006w.jpgI know you’re pumped. You should be. It’s been way too long since you last had your Dallas headshots done. I’m hoping that the current photo with your faded denim and mullet only means that you were hoping to be on the front of the next fashion trend, and doesn’t signal that it has been a few decades since you last smiled for a Dallas headshot photographers camera. No matter what the case may be, bravo for doing an updated look.

Now, as you get prepared for your upcoming headshot, here are five things that you SHOULD NOT wear:

1. Heavy Patterns

No matter if you are a guy or a gal, I would strongly avoid heavy patterns when taking your Dallas headshots. Whether it’s putting that Chevron blouse back in the closet or selecting a dress shirt that doesn’t have super bold lines, you want to stay away from the patterns. Think of it this way: your headshot normally runs fairly small right? If you have anything on, such as a distracting pattern, it is going to pull the attention from your face and onto whatever you are wearing. Unless you are selling the clothes you’re wearing, that is probably not the goal. I would suggest wearing clothing that either has a very light patterning to it, or best of all, go with solids. That keeps the attention right where it belongs, on your bright and shining face.

2. Wild Colors

I am a big fan of color. I think that successful Dallas headshots can really use a shot of color to help you pop off the page. However, you’ve got to be careful there. You could have a bright top on under a darker jacket or sweater, or perhaps a tie or pocket square that has a little burst of color with it. What you don’t want to do is have a neon shirt that doesn’t allow anyone to even notice you are in the photo. If you are wearing a super loud pink top, no one will be able to focus in on you.


3. Large or Chunky Jewelry

Ok, one caveat here. If you are a recording hip hop artist, you can wear as much jewelry as you want. However, for everyone else, definitely keep it simple. This one typically applies more to the ladies. Bolder and larger jewelry is popular, but remember that it is all about minimizing distractions when working with your Dallas headshot photographer. Something like simple gold or silver chains with a pendant, or a string of pearls always do well. They add a nice touch of class, and a little extra detail, but don’t take the spotlight.


4. Something that you wouldn’t be proud to see on LinkedIn or the Wall Street Journal

Remember, it’s all about coming off as a professional. Make sure that whatever your selection may be, that it keeps a professional look. Potential clients, prospects or someone that wants to hire you will be looking at your Dallas headshots, and they will size you up very quickly. Make sure that their initial reaction to you is a positive one. You can always try a funkier outfit if you want, but I would recommend having at least one fairly conservative outfit to shoot in if you do. Now don’t get me wrong here: I’m not saying you have to be dull or not yourself. You just need to make sure to send the right message when people check out your headshot.


5. Makeup: Too Much or Not Enough

Life is a continuous effort to find balance. The same should apply in your usage of makeup. You can definitely put on a little more than you would normally, but definitely don’t cake it on. You still want to look like yourself. Conversely, if you normally wear makeup, make sure to have it on the day of your headshot shoot, and bring whatever you need. Now guys, don’t think you got off easy here. Make sure to wash your face the day of the shoot or right before so you don’t have sheen on your face. Even better, get just a touch of powder so that the shiny spots are reduced or gone entirely.

 Jason Kindig Dallas Photographer

Ok, so now that you know, it’s time to get your headshot on! Stick to these suggestions and you will have a much better outcome for your shoot. And don’t forget to have fun at your headshot session!

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