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Headshot Tips: Hair and Makeup Musts

Jason Kindig
By Jason Kindig
on October 9, 2015

IHeadshot Photographer Dallasf you happen to be in the planning stages of your next corporate portrait shoot, there are going to be multiple facets that you have to consider when putting all of the details together.

As a headshot photographer in Dallas, I would suggest that you think about having a hair and makeup artist present for your next shoot.

There are several advantages to doing so, and here is my top three:

They will make everyone really really ridiculously good looking

Ok, so if you have seen the movie Zoolander you will totally get that. If not, you are probably furrowing your brow just a bit and are probably wondering how good the hair and makeup artists I work with really are. The truth is, having a hair and makeup artist will ensure that everyone looks his or her best. Makeup will be applied evenly and it will ensure that your staff looks consistently good. A good artist will work to make sure everyone’s skin is as smooth as possible, take down the shine that can show in photographs taken by your Dallas headshot photographer, and just do an overall touchup to the face and hair so that they look put together. Plus, they can do touchups on the guys, and though it may be a bit different experience than they are used to, it would be a whole lot easier than setting them loose with foundation themselves and telling them to touch up any shiny spots.

Increase Confidence

You know this. Anytime you look good, or feel good about the way you look, you stand up taller and walk with a greater air of confidence. You are rocking the perfect clothing combination, the hair is lying perfectly and makeup is spot on. With those elements lined up, you feel like you can do anything. When you have a hair and makeup artist onsite to handle either touchups or everything from the ground up, it is going to increase your confidence in addition to everyone else that is being photographed by a corporate portrait photographer in Dallas. Even though guys are generally not concerned with how their makeup looks since they generally aren’t wearing it, touching up the shiny spots like I mentioned earlier can go a long way in boosting confidence as well. They know they will look their very best, and it always shows in photographs.

Reduce Retouching Costs

There can be financial incentives in addition to the aesthetic benefits from hiring a hair and makeup artist. When you have someone doing actual physical touchups onsite, it keeps your headshot photographer from having to do as many digital touch ups on the postproduction side. I know that one of my favorite hair and makeup artists is very particular, and she constantly swoops in during the shoot to make sure that every necessary touchup is done on the face, and that the hair is set just so. She makes continual readjustments so that the subject doesn’t have to worry about their hair falling during the shoot and not having the look they want, or any other small detail being out of place. All of this means that your photographer will not be spending as much time in front of a computer after the shoot, which means a reduced retouching bill.

So, as you allocate the shooting space, align schedules and work through all of the other details with the Dallas photographer you have selected, make sure to take a moment and ask them about any hair and makeup artists that they recommend. It is an investment, but as with any good investment it will most certainly be worth it. After all, if you have already taken the time and money to book a shoot with a photographer, it would be a wise next step to consider.

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Jason Kindig
Written by Jason Kindig
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