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Jason Kindig, Dallas Photographer Blog

Industrial Photography in Dallas: On the Job Site

Jason Kindig
By Jason Kindig
on August 18, 2016

Jason Kindig, Dallas Commercial Photographer

From a young age I was taught the value of hard work, and what it’s like to work with your hands. My work as a Dallas commercial photographer is fairly hands on, but my dad especially so. Whether it was working on a farm, at a nursery, auto shop or his eventual foray into the world of commercial roofing, he definitely knows what it is like to use his hands to grow, create and cultivate, no matter what the end product was. So I have terrific respect for the people that go out there every day and are sweating hard to build, create and keep the world running. I was fortunate to get to go and document some of these guys at a recent Dallas commercial photography shoot for DuraServ Corporation. They install all kinds of loading dock equipment; levelers, doors, and all kinds of various pieces of related equipment that help keep goods moving in and out. It’s all things that are behind the scenes, but are absolutely critical towards allowing commerce to move forward as efficiently as possible.

Jason Kindig, Dallas Commerical Photography

Along with my respect for the men and women that build things is the fascination with how things are built. This has been one of the best parts about being a commercial photographer in Dallas,, as I get to see the processes behind so many industries, and love garnering that new knowledge. I’d never thought much about loading docks myself, but it was pretty awesome to see these guys install equipment. Not only do they have some incredible rigs, but some pretty awesome tools as well.

Jason Kindig, Commercial Photographer in Dallas

We visited a couple job sites, but one of the most interesting parts was watching an entire dock leveler be put in. They installed this massive piece of metal with a truck-mounted hoist before welding into place. Welding is always great eye candy for an industrial photographer in Dallas, and it was pretty cool when they had to do some heavy duty drilling as well.Jason Kindig, Industrial Photographer in Dallas

In observing their work, it became very clear that every step was a well-choreographed one, and they flowed seamlessly through the install. Their experience was apparent, and it’s always interesting to see someone who really knows what they are doing make a complicated task look easy. They knew their work so well that I really had to stay on my toes to capture the moments and actions as they happened. It’s a big deal for me to capture action in the moment, and stage in such a way that maintains the integrity of the work that is being done. Given that these guys were working on a live job site, most of the staging involved doing the same process over a few times to capture it just right, or hold a certain pose until we had the lighting tuned in perfectly, but there were also many shots that were done with a run and gun approach.

Jason Kindig, Dallas Commercial Photographer

Contact Jason NowDallas commercial photography is definitely my job, but it goes so far beyond that. Any photographer will tell you that this artistic medium is a great way to explore the world around you, no matter where that may be. It is certainly no different for me, and I am so pumped that I get to experience and dive into the world that my clients live in every day, whether it is in a high-rise, warehouse or out on the job site. It may be for a few days, or maybe only a few hours, but each time I get to come away with great images, new knowledge and new respect for how things are made. I hope that these images give you some insight to a different industry as well, and as always, enjoy!

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Jason Kindig
Written by Jason Kindig
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