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Capturing the essence of handcrafted goods

Jason Kindig
By Jason Kindig
on July 27, 2016

Jason Kindig, Dallas Commerical Photographer 

In my last blog I wrote about why it is important to show off the process behind your handcrafted goods. It gives clients a great visual for the quality of work that you produce, and will also provide you with a ton of great marketing content when you work with a Dallas commercial photographer to document the highlights of your product process.

Today I wanted to focus more on working with your commercial photographer to bring out the essence of your handcrafted products, after they’ve rolled off the line. You may make the best products on the market, but to make them truly shine to your potential customers you have to have them photographed the right way. I thought what better way than to share some killer examples with you from one of my recent Dallas commercial photography shoots.

Jenny Walker is creating some amazing pieces for the baby market. These are handcrafted items, made locally, and no detail has been left unattended. All of the wood you see is solid, yes, solid and not veneered, and is about as sturdy as can be. Honestly, I could probably sleep in that crib, though I don’t know if her pieces are rated for commercial photographers in Dallas. Not only are all of her pieces tough, which is a must-have for anything that kids and babies are around, but they are also beautiful.

Jason Kindig, Commercial Photographer in Dallas

What may be the coolest part though is the versatility. Once the little ones have grown up and are no longer in need of a crib or bassinet, you’ve got really awesome furniture and home accessories that can effortlessly transition into the rest of your well styled home. Through either converting the crib to a desk or filling the bassinet with pillows, throws, or other accessories, you suddenly have items that were once baby furniture but now look like they never were baby furniture. I know as a parent that is super enticing to me, as my Pack N Play will never be a statement piece in our home after my kids grow out of it.

Jason Kindig, Dallas Commercial Photographers

So with a product that has this level of quality, the right angles, lighting and approach make all the difference in how her potential customers experience the product. Like with most things, if it is not handled properly by a professional commercial photographer in Dallas, you can run the risk of your product coming off in an underwhelming light. This is especially true when you offer a product to the higher end market. By not having the proper photography done makes not just your product look bad, but can also impact the overall perception of your brand. You want everyone to see your brand in a very positive light and know that everything you do is the best, and that their experience with both you and the product will be top notch from beginning to end.

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With Jenny’s items, I lit every piece very carefully to maximize the texture and shape of each piece. With the wood pieces I really tried to highlight the beautiful grain, and on the smaller items it was all about bringing out the shape of the products and the textures in all of her textiles. Every product has it’s own unique nuances that must be shown off in order for potential customers to really see the quality. Make sure when you are ready to get your products up online or in a catalog for sale that you chat with a Dallas commercial photographer. They will work with your particular set of needs to not just shoot your products, but enhance and show off the details that make them the best around.

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